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  1. All fantastic articles! They are very useful, I recomend reading them whether they apply to your situation or not. Thanks Carri
  2. I believe that it depends on the bird and also the amount of bonding between you and Sammi, but I have found that tame birds will at least remain more calm in the presence of your hand compared to other aviary birds, I have found also that if the tame bird finds a mate he has a less likely chance of remaining tame as his attention will be on the other bird. Most of my aviary birds are tame just from spending alot of time sitting in the avairy, so as I said before it depends on the birds, the strength of the human bird bond and how much time you spend in the aviary with the birds. Thanks Carri
  3. adelaidegirl

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Susannah, welcome to the forum. Its great to hear from another person in Adelaide! Carri
  4. That's a massive crested, I thought that it is really hard to get that size in crested birds, is this true? Could someone tell me plese because I am really confused. Thanks Carri
  5. I don't know why I keep animals, I don't know why I keep budgies and I don't know why I breed birds. All I can say is that I can't describe what it is about animals, but they give me hope.
  6. Hey there, I can't wait to see your new runner budgie! Here is a picture of my runner Triton.He had Pulpitus , I got him from Scotie on this forum. He's the grey guy! Carri
  7. I think it would be a really good experiance for Tim whether it works out or not because pets are one of the biggest responsibilities there is. So it would be good for Tim to start tesing his personal level of comitment. If it doesn't work out then like the others said you won't be any worse off, but when saying that I don't think that should be an option presented to your brother because he should not get the idea that he can just dump his problems on somebody else. ( I doubt your brother is like this, but it's proably best if he learns to stick stuff out) Also if you end up saying yes then before you tell him maybe just get him to do some things for your birds like "hey, could you just clean out that cage for me" and stuff like that. Then you will get a better idea of if this is something he really wants. Sorry for babbling so much! Carri
  8. Awwwwwwwww. Very, very cute. Carri
  9. You have beautiful birds!! Carri
  10. They are all so adorable, so are you handrearing them? Carri
  11. Very cute!! I love the caption in the last one. Carri
  12. Awwwwww! You have adorable birdies. You have so many different types living in your house, I wish I could get my mum to let me have a few of mine inside. I love Iris trying to figure out the door. :ausb: Carri
  13. Every time I see your babies Bubbles I wish I could come and steal them away. They are beautiful!!!!!!! Carri
  14. It's so good to know this, now I won't have to spent 5 - 10 minutes trying to see the year on the ring I can just look at the colour. Hurrah! Of course I will still have to check with older birds. Carri
  15. adelaidegirl

    Hi Everyone.

    Hey and welcome This is an excellent forum and I'm sure you will have a great time. Thanks Carri
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