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  1. Lost male blue budgie in Bayswater Perth WA yesterday. If anyone locates him please let me know. Thanks Karyn
  2. You will find they are fighting over the female, how to fix I am not sure what to suggest, I would just make sure they weren't causing great damage to each other
  3. Hello, I have 12 budgies living in an outside aviary since October last year, 8 males and 4 females. In the last couple of weeks I have found 2 eggs on different occasions on the floor of the aviary - broken and look unfertilised. I do not have any nest boxes and don't plan on breeding. Is this a problem that I have a female or females laying eggs or is this normal behaviour?
  4. I like your comment Flip about watching the TV with subtitles, that is what we used to do when our birds were inside with us! They are such happy characters the budgie. Thanks all for your replies. It has given me some peace of mind.
  5. Fortunately the birds have access to shade all day too and the aviary doesn't get much direct sunlight except in the morning when its a bit cooler. We've had some hot days here in Perth but luckily they have been days I have been at home so have been able to keep them cool with a bit of water from the misting system but its days like today where it's 38 and I am away at work all day I worry about. They do pant at times and that worries me. I've left 3 water bowls for them to swim in but they just don't seem to get in the water. I also thought they might spend some time on the aviary floor if it was too hot as I have heard some birds do this but haven't seen them do that either.
  6. Hello I moved by budgies into an outside aviary in October so they are experiencing their first summer outdoors. I am a little concerned about how they will go in the heat. I have a misting system which I can turn on when I am at home to give them a bit of relief but am worried about when I am away at work. How common is it for a budgie to die or become ill from heat stress and what temperature would something like this be expected to occur in? Thanks Karyn
  7. Thanks Robyn. I definitely don't want to breed so I won't be introducing any nesting areas into the aviary. I am just a bit concerned about when my one female comes into breeding condition what the males will do. I think I will add 2 or 3 females and then see how that goes. One other question is how often do females come into breeding condition and what times of the year generally?
  8. Hello, I have recently moved by budgies to an outdoor aviary. I have 8 males and 1 female who at this stage is too young for the boys to figure out she is female. I know I will now need to introduce more females to the aviary or else the boys will eventually start fighting over her. I was wondering would it be best to have an even number of male to female budgies or can life still be harmonious in the aviary with fewer females than males. Thanks, Karyn
  9. Just for future reference what is it about her cere that indicates she is female
  10. Hello, is it possible to tell from this picture if this budgie is male or female, thanks Karyn
  11. I can only answer that the corn should be raw, my budgies only eat a select few vegies so I am not an expert in recommending how to get a budgie to eat vegies, maybe it is because he is young, most budgies can't resist corn though
  12. Yes the colour is more purple than pink, just in the sun the other day it looked pink. Thanks for the reply. Good to have an idea of how old he is.
  13. Hello, I purchased a budgie today and he has a leg band with this information - WABC 01 0406. The 01 is written vertical. Can anyone tell me what age he is from this information? The band is also a pinkish colour. Thanks
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