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  1. Photos where taken in cloudy daylight and show him in his true color. The tail's color changes depending on the angle it is observed from.
  2. Here are six budgies...let's see who can guess what they are. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  3. I recently purchased a budgie which caught my eye at a pet shop. Although not the most visually stunning, this bird's tail color looks somewhat unique. I would describe his tail feathers as having the pigment pushed out to the bottom and edge of the feather, producing a gray color while leaving a good portion of the feather the same color as the body, a shade of blue. The rest of the bird looks normal, though his flights are clipped and I don't know their color. The bird seems very young, so it might possibly come out with the first molt. Has anyone seen something similar? I will post a picture of the budgie when I can.
  4. Crackle looks like a grey (and a cinammon?), the boy looks like a greygreen opaline. Lots of greygreens and greys from this mating, a chance of some blue's if the father is split as well. Father is opaline so some girls might be it too.
  5. I'm going to add a list of genotypes and phenotypes for this locus so people can understand better. Hope this helps. Green ------- GG GB1 GB2 GGf GYf Blue ------ B1B1 B2B2 Creamface ------------- B1B2 Goldenface Type 1 ---------------------- GfGf GfYf GfB2 Goldenface Type 2 ---------------------- GfB1 Yellowface Type 1 --------------------- YfYf YfB2 Yellowface Type 2 --------------------- YfB1
  6. Looks like they're all blue, the last two pied. Meaning your dad was a B1B1.
  7. Sigh. I've tried educating people on the yellowface/goldenface gene for awhile. People still get it all wrong. Here we go again... isaac, i think what you have is a goldenface type 2 and a blue. As I will explain later, the genotype of your hen is GfB1. The male is either B1B1 or B2B2. YES, You *can* get a type 1 from a type 2 bird. How do I know it? First, it works out genetically. Second, I've bred a type 1 goldenface from a type 2 bird before. There are five genes at the locus we are talking about. Imagine the locus as a box and it can hold 2 balls, but there are 5 types of balls we can place in there. The balls are.. Green- this is a dominant gene and will make the bird a complete yellow base Blue1- this is a blue gene that when combined with another Blue1 gives a blue bird Blue2- this is a blue gene that combined with another Blue2 gives a blue bird Goldenface- this is the goldenface gene Yellowface- this is the yellowface gene The tricky part is what happens with each of the combinations? Double factor Blue1 gives a blue bird, and Double factor Blue2 give an identical blue bird. The tricky part is that a Blue1-Blue2 bird will not look blue put have a very very pale Yellowface (called a Creamface). Now for other ones. A doublefactor Goldenface and a doublefactor Yellowface look like a Goldenface/Yellowface Type 1, respectively. BUT, a Goldenface-Blue1 and a Yellowface-Blue1 look like type 2's (respectively). The Blue1 gene is what causes the massive yellow spillage (note, it is the Blue1 gene and not the Blue2 gene). All other combinations look like type 1, it is solely when a Blue1 gene is mixed with either the Gf or Yf that you get the yellow spillage and a type 2 bird. Question: Is it possible to get a type 1 bird from a type 2 bird? Answer: Yes. I'll give the example that comes to mind, one where I bred my birds. My hen was a Goldenface Type 2 (GfB1) and my male was a Yellowface Type 2 (YfB1). A daughter was born of Goldenface Type 1, getting her Gf gene from her mother, a Yf gene from her father, and thus looking Goldenface Type 1. Question: Is Type 2 dominant over type 1? Answer: Type 1 and Type 2 are not genes, they are phenotypes! There is no type 2 gene or type 1 gene, there are only the 5 genes I have listed above. And the only one out of those you can truly say has a dominant/recessive relationship with the rest is the green gene which masks all the others. The other combinations are more complicated and have to be looked at individually. ...whew that was a lot.
  8. They are not the same gene. There are 5 genes at that locus. G- green B1- blue type 1 B2- blue type 2 YF- yellowface GF- goldenface
  9. you can get yellow faced blue because the blue pigment is active in the body and the yellow in the mask. for a white faced green you'd need yellow and blue active in the body and both inactive in the mask, which sounds a bit harder to happen.
  10. Mottles lose melanin, which is why green budgies eventually become yellower and blue budgies eventually become whiter.
  11. The face looks pretty yellow, making it a goldenface type 2.
  12. Wouldn't the white on his chest indicate a yellowfacec type 2?
  13. Yeah, that person was, to put it nicely, not smart. It's been established that lacewing is a composite of ino and cinammon.
  14. Albinism is on the x chromosome, which hens have only one of. Therefore a hen can be only full or not at all, no 'partial' albinism. And your spangle is a goldenface type 2.
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