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  1. That's funny, I was asking you about your budgies last night and then I stumble on this topic. Haven't seen them for ages and they look really good. I had forgotten how colorful they are. Very pretty
  2. I didn't even see this section, so thanks for moving it. I also didn't think they could be found again being so small. I have been looking in trees and stuff as I'm on my way to places, but I will definitely check out those topics that were mentioned.
  3. That picture is cute I don't think I've seen it, it looks recent-ish lol
  4. Hi. Well it has been a long time since I have been on this forum and now I come back with sad news. Scuttle flew away a couple of days ago. I wasn't home at the time but I heard what happened and it was just one of those things that no one could have prevented. We had a good 4 and a half years, he will be 5 next year and he was just perfecting his landing .... finally, as opposed to crash landing So I'm just hoping that wherever he has gone that he will be okay and stuff. He will be missed heaps, he's got quite a personality and attitude to match, so I think he'll be okay.
  5. I so meant to say that Ewok is such a cutie
  6. I haven't seen your birds in ages and there are quite a few in there I haven't seen. I was pointing out brothers and sisters to Scuttle but he wasn't overly interested lol.... very nice piccies I laughed when I read Pie is still flirting like mad hehe
  7. babies babies babies you got some pretty ones in there. Soooo cute, don't think I can say that often enough (Laughing out loud). I like the Santa name too, its cute... see cute again. I'd tell Scuttle but he just gives me blank looks and squeaks a bit. Oooh and if you end up having any birds in the Feb show I wanna come and see how they do :budgiedance:
  8. awwww the babies are so pretty :sad:
  9. That Ringo sure is a pain (Laughing out loud). And when you say you need new blood does that mean you're considering getting a few more birds, or was it just an observation for now (Laughing out loud). And no more talking from Scuttle yet. Still mumbles 'good boy' every now and then but I'm gonna try and get him to say 'cheeky bugger' now (Laughing out loud)
  10. Woo more babies. I been telling Scuttle he's an uncle again but he just sits there and squeaks, don't think he knows what I'm saying (Laughing out loud)
  11. Hi and welcome :hap: Probably everything you want to know about Budgies will be on this forum. As Kaz said, most everyone here is Budgie nuts
  12. That was so cute. they all looked to be having fun.
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