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  1. If they are solid then its a 2009+ bird, it couldnt have been rung with a 09 ring in 2006 as they werent out then. 06 ring possibly to identify the bird/mutation/family or maybe a parents ring?
  2. raw chicken carcass or chicken wings, or raw lamb offcuts bones and meat from the supermarket or butcher will take care of his teeth and calcium if you are worried about it. What Kaz says I do up a big pot now and again with pasta and vegies and either homemade mince or mince from the butchers. Butchers mince here is $2-3 a bag and contains meat fat and liver etc. Puts the condition on my working dogs well. Other than that they get good quality bikkies and meat on the bone I like to give pups lamb brisket or ribcage when teething, they use the front and rear teeth on them. Sounds like Jake is on a good thing already though :rip:
  3. He is a stunning critter Id have paid close to 200 just for him if you got me on a good day, She seems to have some distinct violet up on her neck area and possibly isnt the best of her family if they are from the same breeder and you may get some ripper chicks who knows?
  4. "this hen has a sore eye' Its a similar stamp to a bird you had on here last year? What are her parents? Some good colour there
  5. Nice one Nubbs, thats one of the few places I havent been too yet. Wont be long though! Done some nice country in between recently :laughter:
  6. I was at mums a few weeks back in the hills of armadale and had a green hen with a ring land at the stable next to me, she was fairly tame whether through exhaustion or being a pet I dont know. She was happy for my hand to reach to her but was startled a second before I could get her.
  7. He is cute Splat, he looks like a little Bear too I reckon. Used to have reds and Blues on the farm. Give him a early feed and keep him up in the arvo, tucker him out before bed, with playing, walking and a meaty bone for a midnght snack
  8. 3rd I didnt hear the race to let you know how she ran though. Not worth a bet anyway, wasnt paying much.
  9. Their looking good Mate. Dont stress as you know sometimes it takes a bit for the milk to run consistently. Some vets really are 'city' vets. I have an older lady vet here I think she is just brilliant and has dealt with one of mine on 2 after hours calls, and picked the breed straight off. Also liking the dogs a bit lighter/fitter than heavier (like most vets these days) she always comments on the working dogs condition being spot-on. I like my bitches to put on weight when nursing, you can always get it off after and a dog that loses alot of weight when nursing- well I think there is no excuse if its eating, I have seen some in terrible condition and the owners put it down to- "its got pups" never mind the fact they dont realise how much a nursing dog should be eating. But they all look great, be a sad day in 6 wks or so for you but
  10. All the best RIP, going into it favourite isnt easy but she seems to have drawn okay, and you have a decent jockey on her. But no doubt you are having pre-race 'nerve calmers' Good running and good luck
  11. Start taking her temp mate- give you a better idea/warning Good luck
  12. the pie


    Charcoal zebra finch. Like KAz said they co-exist for a while but inevitable to have severe damage to some if kept with budgies
  13. No do not keep them with anything else, they live perfectly happy with each other but even 1 lovebird with other species can cause a fair bit of damage without trying hard. They breed happily in a large aviary without as many problems that the budgies do. Space, good size nestboxes (not too big, not too small) but enough room for them to have a clutch of chicks and also fill it with nesting material When you are set-up, supply them with palm fronds (date/cotton are okay) long grasses etc anything they can shred up and weave into tunnels inside the nestbox I found this stimulates some breeding. Mine fill the nests with any vegetables, grasses, green pick that I give them to eat also so have to keep an eye on that sometimes Once they start breeding you are right but same as other birds its getting them to feel right. Mine went near 4 yrs without then all of a sudden the population tripled. Ive mainly blue series masked, some green and others all masked. Im not big on the peachfaced but there are some nice ones around I'lll try and find some pics for you
  14. Great news Kaz, what reason did the stud owner give for it not to have worked? Maybe a slip mating?
  15. The often wait until the last moment before they 'head home', whether it be curiosity or bravery- waiting and watching this fast moving vehicle approaching before thinking '****' Id better get back to..somewhere safe/home territory/somewhere I can outrun this beast if it chances to chase me. They seem to come unstuck when 'home' is on the opposite side of the road, they like to head into the sun also. Not many animals in nature will run into each other so the thought that a car wont take action to prevent contact doesnt seem to occur until too late. Ive seen mobs of hundred or so all running, changing direction and jumping fences in a tight group with no mishaps. Thankfully in a way it wasnt your car damaged. Good of you to go back and check the people in both cars and Id hope the roo also incase it was still alive it would need putting down. (put these up before) These guys thought the road was a good place for a sunbake... and still deciding whether or not they really have to move..
  16. Congrats Rip, sounds like the combo have clicked. Some mares are like that with jockeys. Good luck in May with her is she having a short spell or staying in work til then?
  17. Love your coastal, its stunning. We cant have jungles here but Ive seen some eyecatching ones. Had a stimsons but only got the sth west carpet now. He just turned 3, he's just over 1 and a half metres these days, not sure exactly maybe closer to 1.7-1.8.
  18. Good luck Robyn. I get the extremes here too, 40-45 pretty constant all summer but winter can get down to -2. I found the birds tolerated the cold better than the heat as long as the boxes are out of drafts Softfood fares better in the cooler weather too I will get the egg torch out in a few days and see if there is anything worth looking forward too.
  19. Yep cinnamon would dilute/lighten the colour of a skyblue budgie making it a very pastel blue like you saw.
  20. Gotta keep the dream alive mate. :hooray: ME- I think it would be quite impressive to see a whiteface-green dominant pied (with the white belly) We all know how much Kaz Loves this thread- just thought we'd keep it running for her (sorry Kaz) She will be cursing my return by weeks end
  21. Male for me too- all my males have had alot more character
  22. Just thought Id write a quick note of what I was thinking today. I know I have been offline for quite some time but holidays and work and hobbies will do that. My birds were aviary-bound since Sept, chicks fledged, boxes put away. We were away for around a month and summer here gets too hot to even think of breeding so not much was done when we got back. A bit of culling from home and the rest dropped off to the petshop. Thinned the numbers out well, maybe a few more could have gone but I'm a little soft and 99% of what needed to go was gone. Anyways back on track, I set the breeding boxes up and selected my pairs last week- a couple of first time hens and cocks mixed through. A good surprise this arvo greeted me with 1 egg from one pair and 2 from another. No matter how many chicks you raise the sight of the first few eggs if the season is still so very exciting. Anyway thats my ramble for now- I was only going to write that last paragraph :hooray:
  23. and did you expect anything other from me then a link that doesnt work :hooray: okay I put a different one up- search for pics on there yourself or type in coloured chickens in google
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