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  1. No worries - Thanks all, good to know. In the meantime I picked up a friends mini-aviary to use. KAZ - I notice by your '.....' at the end of your post you're probably a bit bored of having to quote links of what could have been found with enough patience. I thank you for your post and understanding - However I strive to do the right thing by my animals, and a post in vain asking for info is much better than just going off and doing it the wrong way. I'm sure you understand. Regards.
  2. Hi all, I have a a decent sized aviary, used to quarantine my birds inside. Right now that is impossible, so i've been thinking of ways to have a 4th Budgie in the group, which would make two males, two females. Exactly how far does the bird need to be away from other birds? Is it physical touch that we are restricting? If so, a closed off area inside the aviary should be fine for quarantine. If not, then i'll have to rethink my options. I have two cage sizes to use for quarantine. I was thinking of having the one smaller cage in the aviary, with the other larger one on top of the smaller cage. That would give 1-2" of room so no budgies could touch. But they could get close. Would this be suitable? Thanks for any on topic replies.
  3. Rats are predators regardless of how small they are. They will kill and eat small animals like birds. It's just common sense to keep them apart.
  4. The cats around my place are my neighbours I know this for a fact. I won't be hurting or catching them.. I just want something that will make them avoid an area of my backyard.
  5. okay so after recently getting my new aviary i've got two neighbourhood cats hanging about constantly. They're not really harming the birds but it's not a great enviroment for them either. One usually sits at the base of the aviary, the other on top, just staring at the potential meals. What can I do about this? Are there anti-cat sprays or something I can lace around the area? So far i've tried squirting them with the hose. Done it quite a few times now, they're back within 15 minutes.
  6. Hey hey all. My two males have finally moved outside leaving the entire house open to the resident female Pidgie. So first Pidgie needs a mention being left to her huge cage, err, room. Her cage is never closed, this is where she spends most of her time. The aviary. I bought two of these at $100 each. The second one is at my mother's place until I buy my next home. The inmates.. Tweeter and Duo. I had a solar light already there, lights up the area a bit so they shouldn't have any night-frights. Now I just have to stop myself buying more and more ..
  7. Only way to keep them quiet in the morning is make the house pitch black. They only chatter when the sun comes up.
  8. I take pride in making little pieces for my animals. From a six foot hutch for my rats to bits and pieces for my birds. Currently my girl has a whole study to herself, no cage whatsoever. She was dozing here, she hates the camera!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFxfUr9-E5o Female, about 7-8 months old. She always goes off on this song.
  10. Good to hear that your Russell is good with the birds, Bea. When I buy my next home i'll be getting a Russell and hope both species can mix.
  11. Hey guys. Is there a type of 'anti-budgie' spray that can be used to keep the birdies off certain areas? Kind of like citrus spray for dogs?
  12. Oh yes, currently she lives in a medium sized cage, but most of the time she's out and about somewhere on the many purches i've placed in my study. Of all the months she's been in here she's never got into trouble. Though me bird-proofing any possible nuisance probably helped it. Currently she's on the chrome door handle, only reflection she can find! Just need a few more days off work to get into this gym.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Once again the female is alone, the males together again. On the upside, the female has an entire room to fly in as the cage door is open almost 24/7. At least this way she has a lot of room to move about it, it's always been that way. I've began construction a massive bird-gym (think human-size) so she can do-away with the cage alltogether. Hopefully be finished in a week.
  14. Unfortunately dorm style isn't really appropriate right now. I did plan on doing this when I bought my next house with a twin avairy setting. With the ages, the smaller male is about two years, the alpha male a year and the female about 8 months. Speaking of which, when is she ready for breeding? Not that i'll be putting a nesting box anywhere near her until my house is bought and aviary set up.
  15. Thanks for the reply. What would you suggest? Leave them be? It's heartbreaking to see one become the outsider.
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