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  1. i have all new breeding cages, that old cage is attachted to wall high up and only used when i let birds of breeding cage to spread there wings its left open all the time they fly up there, plus i'm in there when they are out watching them.then they go back to breeding cages.i will replace front,i hadn't before as its not lived in. Hi they have no brown on wings and don't have redish eyes. i'm not sure what they are.
  2. http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e298/hay...rd/100_0064.jpg Hi Dads green, hens yellow one baby came out blue other same as hen.. how the *** did one of the babies come to be blue is this normal......... http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e298/hay...rd/100_0067.jpg
  3. james2701

    Too Hot

    I need some help in getting my aviary cooler its 100 f in the UK today,and even hotter in the aviary (115f) the budgies are cooking in there.A fan i just blowing the hot air around.i have electric in there i quess air con is no good as the aviary is open.HELP please.....................
  4. none are clear there is someting in there like a dark thingy One did hatch yesterday,but i don't think it was the first laid because of the dates. i just a bit confused if they arn't clear how do you tell if is is okay.
  5. my hen laid 1st egg on 6th june 2nd 8th june,six in total. when will they hatch.....none are clear checked that i counted 18 days i worked out the last eggs id due on 4th july....so some should of hatched am i right help please. none are clear so should be fertile right..HELP............................
  6. Take them out if they are infertile is okay. But if she lays to many you said its okay,but you have the same problem. Take some out and she will throw the rest out,which might be fertile? How many is to many?
  7. i did the face and feet,its not easy to put on. i use a cotton bud,maybe i'm not using enough, its saying use 2 drops,i put about 4 drops on the cotton bud and apply.not sure if its getting 2 drops when added to the cotton bud.
  8. little-cuties. did you do anything different to what it said on the box. it said apply every second day,and apply six times.
  9. Has anyone used Johnson's scaly lotion before. http://www.arkpetcentre.co.uk/shop/product...roducts_id/1356 Its not working for me, Any tips please.
  10. i took one of the clear eggs out to look in side, it was infertile. the next day the hen threw the over 4 eggs out. so they do know if you take just one egg out.I didn't think she would notice. But the others were infertile anyway. I could of lost fertile eggs?just by taking one bad egg out. So next time i shouldn't take any eggs out ,unless they are all infertile?
  11. is 3 years of age to old for a hen to breed , what is the maximum age for a **** bird to breed.
  12. I checked all the eggs under a light 4 were clear,one had a dark mass at one end?
  13. hen layed 5 eggs.egg number 4 is 18 days today. no eggs have hatched,what should i see if the eggs are held to a light, at this stage.. i did'nt check eggs after 7 days to look for veins.
  14. The breeding cage looks big,whats its size.
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