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  1. Maria

    Crazy Budgie

    Yes, Frippe has a huge personality But sometimes I believe that he is a dog in a budgie suit. When daddy enters the room (daddy is Frippes favourite human beeing) stretch out his arms and yells: "Frippe - daddy is home!" it takes one second and Frippe is sitting on his shoulder!
  2. okay, tanks all for your help. I'll let her decide!
  3. No, I hav'nt. Is it possible to se if the baby is still alive? I did'nt know that. The eggs looks very dark and "filled out", like they do before hatching, but yet there has not been any more babies.
  4. Proudly present to you the Crazy Budgie Frippe! http://dropshots.com/day.php?userid=202886&cdate=20061104
  5. I have not been here for a while but now I have some questions I hope someone can answer. In this last clutch the mother did'nt incubate so much in the beginning. There are 6 eggs and they all are fertilized. Egg 1 and 2 hatched after 23 days respectively. Egg 3 has not hatched and egg 4 is today 24 days old, egg 5 is 22 days and egg 6 is 20 days. Is there still hope for egg 4? Is there a record of how old an egg could be and still hatched?
  6. Thank you! The baby is a male. I will try next time he goes out of the nest to put him and the father together.
  7. I need some advice. The oldest baby (35 days old) has been out of the nest several times, but he always want to go back inside again. Now mum has begin to attack him, probably because she think his is old enough to be out permanently. He has not been out so long to be feed or tryed to eat by himself. What do I do? I was thinking of putting dad and baby in a separate cage? Mum is really hard when she is attacking, I don'nt want her to hurt the baby who's outside. There are four babies left in the nest and she is taking good care of them.
  8. Little Miracle took his last breath in my hand this morning I found him lying in a corner in the nest. He was still moving a little, but after a while he was all still . Last evening he was all right, it looked like he had been fed, and he seemed so strong. But this morning his crop was empty, and it looked like there had been an internal bleeding in his tummy, maybe it was due to my too early removing of the shell that caused this And maybe he was'nt feed allright. I had a thought to move him to foster parents, but I hesitated because the babies in that nest are so much bigger. ... Many maybees .... Since I'm a beginner in breeding, I have learned not to move eggs until they are really too old. I heard from another breeder that 23 days old eggs were hatching in her nest once. Thank you all for your support!
  9. Oh yes! Thank you a very suitable name! And thank you all for your crossed fingers, we'll need it! The little one is still alive. "He" has a very strong voice and he is pushing his older siblings away when they are lying to hard on him. The crop was not so filled a moment ago :dbb1: I will check later. His mother is not the most "intelligent" of my budgie mothers , I do not trust her completely, although she is doing very well. She is the single mother I wrote about in another topic. I will keep you posted!
  10. Thank's for your answers! I decided to become a midwife and help the little baby. I was afraid that it should be too weak to get out of the shell by itself. Very carefully I losened the shell, a very tiny and dried out cord was stuck to the shell so I put the baby with the shell back to the nest. And the baby is still alive several hours later and the crop is filled with food. What a survivour! I give you the links to the photos I took, they are blurry, but my hands was a bit shaky after this big moment! http://wb476978.one.se/BILDER/FoMbebis510april.jpg http://wb476978.one.se/BILDER/FoMbebis5.jpg
  11. The last egg in a clutch has been 21 days and no hatching, so today I took the egg out of the nest because I thought it was a "dead in shell" egg. I took a knife and made a hole in the egg, to see how far gone it was. And what a CHOCK, the pink thing inside was squeazing and moving :fear !!!! Very fast I put the egg back in the nest and I hope I did'nt hurt the baby and that the mother can help it out properly. She has been in the nest quite a while now. Advice anyone? Have someone experienced this situation before? //Maria
  12. Maria

    Hello From Sweden!

    Ooops :fear sorry, the address to my website was wrong! The correct address is: http://wb476978.one.se And Nerwen - Yes it's correct the pictures are of two clutches, and there are two lutino girls in the first picture!
  13. Certainly! Please have a look at the topic "Your Flock"! :ausb:
  14. Hi, I'm Maria and I live just outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. For the moment I have 11 budgies and two clutches of babie budgies! I also have a husband and three children. I'm a beginner in breeding, in december 2005 we had our first clutch with two babies, and now we have our 2nd and 3rd clutches. One of the pairs have had some trouble, I had to move the cock from the breeding cage because he was attacking the hen and tryed to stop her from getting to the nest and their small babies. The oldest of the babies is now moved to the other pair and they have accepted him as one of their baby. The single mother now have three babies to take care of, and she is doing very well. I add some links to photos that are too big, I hope it will work! First is a picture of "Frippe" our most tame budgie and my 8 year old son: The following pictures are of the babies - are we cute or are we cute :ausb: Please also have look at my web site about my budgies http://wb746978.one.se The language is Swedish, but there are a lot of pictures too! I'm looking forward to read intresting information in this Forum. I might not write so mutch, but I will certainly read a lot! :book:
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