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  1. Congrats on the adorable puppies.. will be thinking of you and Ken tomorrow.
  2. They are gorgeous Nice to met some one else from Devon
  3. Pixie

    Introducing Bert!

    Thank you Karen and Cheeky I got a phone call earlier from another man.. seems there is another budgie man in my area.. he has babies just out of the nest.. never had a very young bird before.. He wants to keep them for a week, make sure they are eating then I can go and see them next week... oh my the flock is growing (Laughing out loud)
  4. Great to catch up with this thread Karen, Your new babies are so gorgeous
  5. Pixie

    Introducing Bert!

    Yeah I am back.. how long for I don't know Thanks Karen for passing on my message Thank you on all your comments on Bert... he is doing great He took a bit of time to realise he could come out of the cage, now he does happily and puts himself back.
  6. Pixie

    Introducing Bert!

    Thanks Lovey, I was so over come by being back on the boards forgot to add the part of where I got him from (Laughing out loud).. I saw an ad on one of the free ads on the web.. and noticed the postcode was the same as mine.. turns out this man down the road ( forgot to ask his name) has been breeding budgies, now he wants to concentrate on his canaries, so was selling his stock.. That isn't what the ad said though.. so although he had some lovely birds they were too used to the avairy life.. He offered to ask around to find me a younger bird.. he rang on Friday to say he had 5 I could choose from.. I feel for Bert right away.. he wasn't the youngest or the eldest some where in the middle (Laughing out loud) He is very placid.. took to the cage fine, was playing with the toys weaving himself in and out of the hoops, sat on the swing and even went into the birdbath.. he will eat millet and lettuce from our hands... and will let us stroke him with the food.. he will move away from our fingers but he is more approachable than Buddie.. He came to the door way of his cage had a peek out then turned round and went back in... So I think he will settle in just fine
  7. In the week I got Buddie a friend Here is Bert Its so good to be able to view the boards again.. Many thanks to Karen ( Bubbles ) and Rainbow for your help..
  8. Yeah I have caught up with all your news.. after a week of being locked out.. many thanks for your help Karen.. So sorry for the loss of Bao and congrats on all the new babies..
  9. Fabulous photos and your budgies are so beautiful :budgiedance:
  10. Great photos.. ours loves the blind too.. he tries nibbling at the string that holds the slats together!
  11. Pixie

    Photo Surge

    Awww they are all gorgeous :fear
  12. Well done to Oscar.. must be great to hear him speak
  13. I hope you and your precious birds feel better soon..
  14. Pixie

    It Me Merlin

    What a stunning boy he is
  15. Pixie

    Hot Boy!

    What a hot looking cutie
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