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  1. That was so sweet Daz. I am crying again now Still have not been able to clean her cage, I will not. It is going in the bin, never again will I take another housepet budgie it is too painful. When she was a mummy
  2. I came home from work tonight and my father came and opened my car door and put his hand on my shoulder, and I knew. My beautiful girl Boris had died while I was at work. I really did not want to go to work this morning but I ignored my instinct. I buried her with her favourite toys, tissues to shred, celery to munch on and seed to eat on her journey. Cannot write anymore I am too devastated even though I knew it was coming. RIP beautiful Boris 1 June 2005 - 27 September 2011
  3. My little girl is dying and it is killing me watching her go. She is not in pain, not sick or injured. She no longer abuses all the wild animals or her pets (us). She flies still - albiet weakly. She can no longer curl her feet around her perch. She still eats and drinks. Her favourite is celery atm she eats as much as she can. oh Boris my precious I love you!
  4. Been a long time, got an email notice in an old mail box so thought I would come back to say hi. I only have 1 budgie now - Boris, she is still bossing me and everyone around. She has a playmate now, a lovebird/fischer cross my mother bred and handraised. Those 2 raise heck with the household and the 2 of them together are the terrible 2. I only breed Australian birds now, Red Rumps are my main focus with Bourke's and some Elegants for variety. Work is going well, I am somewhat of a troubleshooter now, go where I am needed which is interesting as I don't know what I will be doing from one month to the next. Will pop back in for look around and try to be a regular user again.
  5. Reckon we need a sub forum for all the ones doing study into vets/nursing for birds etc. That way we can keep abreast of your progress. It would be great to follow your journeys through your studying. Great going guys!
  6. Our very own DrNat is the winner of 2009 people's choice Green Award for her fantastic bamboo toothbrush. A great honour to have an environmental enthusiast of DrNat's calibre on our site. :yes: Please everyone send your congratulations and thanks to DrNat for being so Green! http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26037...5019059,00.html
  7. Love Banshee and BG! They are so beautiful. I used to have a rainbow called Bo. She was the funniest thing, she loved ant larvae and went all gooey when I'd dig some up for her to eat. LOL must be birdie candy or something.
  8. Good post, should be pinned. That was what our budgie club meeting was about last Friday, simplified for my poor old brain to understand. When said so simply it actually makes sense and I understood many a thing I didn't know. I actually understood what to expect when pairing my lacewings to ino's. I should be getting my copy of the handout notes this week.
  9. Very sad for your loss G. He was a fantastic age and must have been a very happy bird. RIP Harley
  10. I personally think it is ridiculous ringing birds for 2010 when they hatch in 2009. To me it is simple: they hatch 1 January 2009 - 31 December 2009 they are 2009 birds. They hatch 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2010 then they are 2010 birds. Brainless having it any other way. This system of them being classed as 2010 birds is ridiculous. We don't say human children born from now until the end of December are 2010 babies. That is my opinion and I will never agree that a bird hatched in 2009 is a 2010 bird.
  11. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. A skyblue opaline hen paired up with a dominant pied cock. Both small birds but strong colour. Well, Saturday morning I was doing the rounds checking everyone's water, seed etc and I stopped in front of the suspended and looked inside. I was completely gobsmacked to see the female atop of the male trying to mate that way!!! I have never seen it before and don't know if I will again. I thought it was just one of those odd things. I missed it with my camera at first (have taken to walking around with it now), but it happened again and again. I did manage to get a quick snap showing her atop him. Then I changed the camera and shot just over a minute video showing what went on. Her atop him, he had a go atop her but fell off. I will load the picture and video soon as I can, my Photobucket is full so may take some work clearing old photo's out saving them back on my hard drive so I don't lose them. Do I have a gay female budgie???
  12. i'm going to wait until the next meeting. Don't have many on eggs atm so am not sweating. Plus still got 19 09 rings which I will use if any hatch before then. I'm not expecting to get to the nationals anytime soon anyway. :hug:
  13. Thank you guys for your support. He was indeed a great personality, he was the second budgie in the line of self taming birds. He came from the nest already tame and wonderful. He is with his father and grandfather now. I haven't told Boris.
  14. Goodbye my friend. You were a very happy little man and gave me plenty of beautiful babies. You gave me Boris who is my Life and I will be forever grateful to you for her. Your favourite things in life were lying in wait to pounce when we opened your cage. Or finger wrestling through the wire, which you always won You loved your rare treat of bread, your carrots that made your beautiful yellow face stain. Alright, I'll be honest. You loved everything that was food! and some that were not. You were afraid of ants and thought every female budgie was for your personal pleasure. You were an outrageous flirt. You were so handsome that all the girls loved it when you flirted! You were only 5. RIP Jnr Boss: 12 June 2004 - 27 August 2009 :rofl:
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