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  1. Mine have done that too. Just laying eggs on the floor. It's a shame you have received some "rolling eye" responses. It makes me not want to ask questions when I think I might get an eyeroll response. Because I truly want the information!There was only ONE rolling eye response...........and the rest very valid answers. Thanks - true. I just happened to have been browsing the forum and caught a lot of eye rolls over various different threads and they kind of merged into one! Just ETA though - Whenever I see an 'eyeroll' at a question I would have asked myself - it truly DOES make me think twice before asking a question. I may be the only one - or there may be others who also decide not to bother asking a possibly "obvious" or dare I say "silly" question in case they are dismissed. I come here to learn and to find ways of best caring for my birds (well - my son's birds) and most of the time people are fantastic but a few times I have had unpleasant responses. But anyway... as I said - most of the time people are great!
  2. What a beautiful bird. I am so sorry to hear that he died.
  3. Mine have done that too. Just laying eggs on the floor. It's a shame you have received some "rolling eye" responses. It makes me not want to ask questions when I think I might get an eyeroll response. Because I truly want the information!
  4. I'm so sorry about your budgie. That swelling looks exactly like the tumour my son's budgie had. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....1&hl=fizzer I was absolutely shocked at how fast it appeared and with no warning signs!
  5. Some people here know all about my son's lovely little budgie Fizzer, who passed away last year during surgery to remove a tumour on his wing. The Lort Smith animal hospital was absolutely magnificent and they treated little Fizzer like he was gold. They were also wonderful with my son and the lovely chaplain phoned him to offer support and condolences. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....1&hl=fizzer Our family received a lovely letter from Lort Smith last week inviting us to a Memorial Service for all people who have lost their pets during the past year. I thought of this forum and how many people in Melbourne might want to remember their beloved bird (or other pet) The service is to be held at Lort Smith Animal Hospital North Melbourne at 10am on Saturday 2nd May. People are invited to bring a photograph of their pet. Friends are welcome but they do want people to call and RSVP. If you would like to attend please call the chaplain Barbara Allen on 9321 7216 by Friday 1 May.
  6. Wow that flooding is terrible! We've only ever had minor damage to our home from flooding but it was so destructive and it required a lot of work to clean up. those poor people! I used to live in Canada. I hate snow!
  7. I'd never heard of a Quaker parrot until I read this post the other day, then just today I read - on a forum that has absolutely nothing to do with birds - about a Quaker parrot who saved a child from choking by alerting its owner. What a nice coincidence!
  8. What a great story! http://www.theage.com.au/world/hero-willie...90325-9ajr.html
  9. No sorry I didn't go into detail about that because it was in the article. But Lort Smith didn't actually make anything out of the incident as they were only compensated for the cost of euthanasia. My son has had one of his budgies euthanased there and they charge a lot less than a local vet AND they have a couple of absolutely awesome vets who have avian specialisation. It's only *my* personal opinion, but I think since they are the organisation that treated the injured bird and they are a struggling charity, it would have been more appropriate to order that the $500 went to them. JMHO
  10. Vale Sue and Bob The owners of Diamond Creek Pet Shop who perished in the Feb 7 Bushfires Sue was a great lover of animals. In testimony to her passion for animal welfare, she did not ever sell kittens or puppies and wouldn't accept unwanted litters. They specialised in fish and aquarium supplies, reptiles and small birds. She only ever kept a very small stock of budgies and canaries and made sure their cages were never overcrowded. They had a lovely selection of bird treats and pet supplies and stocked HUGE flight cages which they sold at a cheap enough price that it encouraged people to buy a massive cage for only a couple of birds. Once my son went to purchase a budgie (she had three in stock at the time) and when he brought it home he realised it would be lonely in quarantine until he could put it in with his other budgies - so he went back and bought another of their budgies. Then he realised that the remaining budgie would be lonely on its own in the shop so he went back to buy it too! Sue was so touched by his thoughtfulness that she gave him the budgie for half price and a huge 5 kilo bag of seed for his new family. Sue was always happy to put up "lost and found" notices and was responsible for many happy reunions between pets and their families. On more than one occasion, she reunited my son with a lost budgie. She was a bright and bubbly person who adored animals and was always concerned with their care. She was knowledgeable about all the animals she worked with and was always happy to offer advice and never afraid to say "I don't know, we need to check with the vet" We went to Sue and Bob's Memorial Service today. They will be sadly missed.
  11. It's disgusting that people can be allowed to get away with such terrible acts. I do believe things are changing though and animal cruelty is being treated more seriously. Maybe society is becoming more aware of the link (which you pointed out) between animal cruelty and cruelty to other humans as well. You may not have seen this story since you are not in Melbourne, but I was glad to see that even though someone was under severe stress at the time of harming an animal, they were still held to account for their actions. http://www.theage.com.au/national/pigeon-p...81009-4xbp.html The one thing that annoys me in the outcome of the story is that the animal was treated at the Lort Smith Hospital but the judge sentenced him to make a donation to the RSPCA. Lort Smith is an absolutely wonderful animal charity and is terribly overlooked. I can't understand why he was not made to donate to Lort Smith instead.
  12. Oh I totally agree! I think that the wild lorikeets probably just "put up with" Oliver rather than actually befriend him because he wasn't competing for the same food and he was no threat. Even though they can be quite vicious if they set their minds to it, I think it's more of a defence mechanism rather than an attack response. In the end, the person who found Oliver actually rescued him from the beak of an attacking magpie. All his Rainbow Lorikeet "friends" had nicked off when the magpie came and he immediately targeted the odd one out. Just lucky the man came home at that exact moment and was able to save the little budgie. Oliver went on to live another 4 years! As much as I love the Rainbow Lorikeets for helping shield a little blue budgie from predators for so long, I still wouldn't trust them!
  13. You're right! Quite a lot of people ran for cover when the rain started at the MCG but thousands of others opened their arms and danced in the rain! It was lovely to see (although I was glad to be in an undercover seat just the same!)
  14. Nevermind Dr Nat, I won't bother :sad: LILBABYBUDGIES it's great that you are trying to help an orphaned animal.
  15. Oh GREAT idea! That's so cute and such an easy thing to do.
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