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  1. Oh... so he may well be like it forever. :budgiedance: It might be a stupid question, but does it affect their health? I mean, other than their feathers. Or will it just mean that his flight capability is limited?
  2. Chico has lost all but about four of his flight feathers on each wing, and when I've looked at the end of the feathers he's lost, they've been frayed, like they've broken rather than fallen out. A couple of times when he had a flap in his cage (he's very clumsy) he got a wonky flight feather that stuck off in a random direction, which he then tugged out. I presume the others came out the same way. He seems absolutely fine in himself, he's eating, drinking, singing, climbing, and flapping to the other side of his cage and back. He just looks like he's had a slightly odd wing clip. He's not quite ready to come out of his cage yet, so I've not really seen properly how his flight is affected. I don't know whether to be worried or not. I presume they'll just grow back at his first moult. Has anybody had any experience of anything like this?
  3. Haha.. as much as I would love to take Chico to work, I'd be afraid he'd get eaten by an errant teenager. :devil: Chico's not to keen tonight either. He's currently busy glaring at me. He seems to have little moments where he wants attention, but it's all very much on his terms. He did some biting at me tonight, but I did the pressing back on his beak thing, at which he stopped trying to get me and just looked confused!
  4. :hap: Through the wire... what a strange image! :fear
  5. My little Chico let me give him head scritches tonight! Yesss!!!! Success!!!! :hap: That's got to be a step in the right direction. :(Laughing out loud):
  6. well her mum is a grey spangled and dad's a grey normal so how I came up with this colour ? I just don't know maybe the eggs were stirred and slightly shaken :(Laughing out loud): Maybe it was the 'postman'.
  7. How about Sherbet? She looks like the colour of a sweet that would nake your mouth water. (I think Candacelast meant Key Lime Pie :hap: )
  8. This might help. I don't think the butcher bird I know is the same thing in Australia as it is in the UK. It might be related though, I'm not sure. The one I'm familiar with - the Red-backed Shrike - is native to North America as well as much of Europe, though, so you might get them where you are. Here's a picture I found - I presume this is what folks in Oz are talking about? Here's a link to some info and a picture of a Red-backed Shrike that I'm familiar with in the UK a.k.a. the 'Lesser Butcher Bird'. Red-backed Shrike It sounds like the two are fairly similar if they're not related - pay particular attention to feeding habits and what they do with their food. Eugh!
  9. Right... here's a close-up of Chico's cere. It's blurry, but I think you can see the colour. The more I look, the more Chico looks like a boy. His cere is really pinky-purply in real life, and the really feint rings around the nares are clear, not whitish. Oh, and I'm happy as well, because I think Chico likes baths. That certainly makes life easier.
  10. Maybe! Fingers crossed for poofy babies!!!!
  11. Hey! Who are you calling poofy!?! : Only joking. She/he came from a show breeder, so there were poofy heads all round in that aviary. His mum and dad's heads were probably some of the least poofy in the whole aviary, so i don't think he'll have one of those big grumpy old man heads that a lot of them had, which is good. You can only have so much poofiness on such a little bird!
  12. I thought people might say female, but I'm not so sure. The camera flash is showing up a lot more whiteness than is actually on the cere. The cere is really pinky-purply. I'll have to get a shot in the morning when I don't need the flash on. Either way, I've got myself a beautiful budgie!
  13. Well... I couldn't stand the peace and quiet any longer. I went to see a local breeder's set up today, and brought home one of his baby budgies. He's beautiful. I'm really happy with him. I chose between him and an albino boy, but I chose him in the end because I thought his colour was lovely, and I thought he might be slightly easier to tame, being that little bit younger than the albino. Here he is, already a poser and he's only eight weeks old: Having a roll around, sorting out an annoying sticky-outy feather that got wonkified on route to his new home. I decided it was time for a fresh start, so he has a brand spanking new cage as well. Isn't he lovely?! He's already let me give him a little scratch on the back. I'm so excited to have a budgie again. I've missed their chirps so much. But then there is the big question..... what do I call him?!? I thought maybe Chico, but i don't know! :hap:
  14. Aawwww... they look so lovely together. They look like they'll get into all sorts of mischief together.
  15. Janette

    Hi All

    Hi and welcome to the forums. This is a good place to be to find out loads about budgie keeping and things. Good luck finding a spangle, (Laughing out loud). I think a lot of people on here will agree that when you really really want a spangle, there's guaranteed to be none available. Lutino's may be a little easier to find, but I'm not sure about the lacewing part. If I were you, I'd reserve judgement about what colour you want. If you want a lovely hand-tame boy, then you'd probably be best to go to a breeder and look for budgies for their personalities. You never know, you might find a little normal green that just takes a shine to you and you'll love to bits. They're all beautiful, so whatever you end up with, enjoy him! I'm sure you will.
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