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  1. Zazu is definitely a girl, sadly a lot of staff have no ideas about how to sex a budgie, they simply think pink is female and blue is male. She is a very beautiful girl though! Hopefully they will start to get along better soon
  2. LOL get a shady spot! Geez geese have no shame!
  3. Riebie

    Bobby :"(

    I am heartbroken to have to come in here to tell you that my beautiful Bobby has passed away. It was while I was away on holidays, my neighbour was coming in everyday and feeding them and giving them fresh water and making sure they weren't too hot etc, and she came in on new years day and found him. How he died is a mystery, he had been attached, but by what we can't tell. There was no blood anywhere, and other details I wont share, but it was so distressing to see my beautiful, amazing, full of life budgie like that, leaves a massive hole in my heart. He was the sweetest and funnies
  4. Well I started today. I set up the 'diet cage' yesterday and Bobbie and Sherbie moved in. Bobbie doesn't like it at all and is frantically climbing around the cage looking for an escape route. I hope he settles down soon. At least he is getting exercise! Sherbie couldn't care less and sits around on her favourite perch, making herself queen of her new cage! This the the new cage set up - you can see Bobbie trying to escape! I have put their fave vegies in the bottom of the container, and put a few seeds inside the paper, leaving the thin side up so it wont take them long to rip thr
  5. This thread is exactly what I needed, I am so excited I can't wait to get outside and start hunting for foraging perches!! I have 2 very overweight budgies that I am separating from the rest of the flock. During the week I dragged the old cage out of the shed and cleaned it up and the spare room to make space for it, and it's now sitting there waiting for it to be decorated. My plan is to put 2 teaspoons of seed fore each budgie in a dish per day and hide food other foodvaround the cage to encourage them to forage. Once they understand the paper parcels contain food then I will make them s
  6. Oh wow thank you!! It's quite funny cause I saw your sig earlier today and smiled! It's always been a fav of mine! Here is the rest of my flock! Bobbie is by the sweetest of my birds, he's just is so easy going! Loves a chin scratch and to sit in my hair! He is always first to the side of the cage for a chat when I come in to say hello!For those who don't know and are wondering why I have 2 birds called Bobby(ie), this Bobbie is a rehome and I just didn't want to rename him. I tried to call him Poppet for a while but it didn't suit him. It's not to confusing have two called the sam
  7. Hi all, I haven't been around for ages, but I thought I would pop in and give you an update on my flock! Bobby is still going strong, his normal cheeky self! The only thing he loves more than the camera is himself! My sweet Sunshine isn't well, he has to go into isolation every few weeks as he has poor lungs. The vet says he has scarring on his lung tissue and he likens it to asthma in a human, it's something he developed apparently as a baby in the nest. He coughs and tail bobs a lot, but he is still a happy chirpy boy. He isn't at all contagious and is fine to b
  8. Wow Kaz I just read this entire thread from start to finish and your aviary is amazing! And I LOVED your old one!!! Congratulations it will look so fantastic once it's finished! My plans have changed somewhat from the aviary plans I showed you ages ago, we ended up buying a small house with a smaller back yard that we still haven't moved into yet... It's kinda like your aviary but Scott is working on it weekends and after work. It turned out to be a complete rebuild and we stripped it right down to the frame and had to re-stump, it's only at lockup now. There is no chance an aviary will fi
  9. 2nd picture of Ozzie looks like he is saying "call me, call me now"
  10. awwww Fizzy is just so cute!! None of my birds are interested in their weeble budgies
  11. Oh it's the cutest little button nose poor bubba being picked on already!
  12. That picture is just so gorgeous! You can see it's little nose and mouth and everything!!! What is your due date?
  13. He is a beautiful budgie :budgiedance:
  14. With a YFII the yellow of the budgies face bleeds into the body feathers turning the blue to green :budgiedance:
  15. Just want to say that Samson is a gorgeous bird! I love his colours!! :budgiedance: Delilah is an opaline, with no spangle, also very gorgeous :sad: