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  1. The past two mornings I have found Stormy out of the box, and this morning s/he got a little lift off while I had him/her out. So I'm considering him/her fledged. S/he's already eating somewhat on his/her own as well. Here are todays photos, 31 days old
  2. Sorry to hear that KAZ, she was a pretty bird.
  3. Thanks, The camera I use is a Canon Power Shot A1100 IS. I have notice that the chest amrkings are lighter blue than the rump, anyone know why this might be? There is a slight posibility that this chick is /clearwing, could that be why? I am also leaning toward female now, s/he's getting quite mouthy and that seems to be a female thing.
  4. Here you go, natural light photos.
  5. my last brood fledged at 4-5 weeks, LB. Thats just when they felt it was time to come out. her 2nd egg is due today.
  6. LB, I am hesitant to remove the hen because thats how her mother died, I removed her and I think the stress caused her to bind(she was a very flighty bird and took her a good while to calm down after handling). I'd hate to remove this hen, even though she's not as flighty, and have the same thing happen. Thats why I gave her the dummy, hopefully she'll accept it until the chick fledges in a few days then I'll remove the box.
  7. I posted last night but I guess the internet ate it. GB, I dont see any signs of opaline on this chick. Here is yesterdays photo, feel free to edit it to show me where you see cobalt in the wing bars.
  8. I put a dummy egg in the box to replace the one she laid. she does look a little thinner than normal, and would likely benefit from a break. Like I said her mother died of egg binding and I dont want to risk losing her that way. I will remove the box when the chick fledges in a few days. Theres only one chick, and s/he's 25 days old today.
  9. Do you mean from the time they pip the air cell til the time they pip the eggs shell? it can take 2-3 days from internal pip til external pip. And from external pip til hatched it can take another 1-3 days, but usually after 2 they seem to get weak and may not survive.
  10. I was hoping she wouldn't, but Hectors hen has laid another egg with Stormy in the nest. The hens mother died from binding so I dont want to kick stormy out and remove the box giving her no place to finish her clutch, but three in a row is too much(even if one clutch was infertile). So what would you all do?
  11. I suppose DF YF is possible considering GF would probably mask it, so Hector could be both, but even so I would expect to see GF. I might have to re-pair these two to see what else they give. Here are todays photos you can see from this picture that s/he's not opaline, there is a white streak running between the wings though, perhaps that is why so many assumed opaline. However there is no cobalt on the wings/back of neck. this one came out a bit blurry but you can see the amount of white on him/her, this chick is marked more so like the hen than Hector. And learning to be affectionate towards people, any gender guesses with this photo?
  12. Ahh, thanks Dave. been a few days since I posted pics, I'm really liking the color this chick is showing, almost lavender and a lot of white. I'm leaning toward male, the cere is very uniform pink, might be a little early yet to call it though. Here are todays photos
  13. Ahh well, maybe a mod can change the thread title. And here are todays photos. This one is a bit blury but you can still see the color. Under the cheeks there is also a slight touch of violet or mauve too, little weird.
  14. I'm thinking stormy's a cobalt chick. I'm also not seeing a whole lot of yellow in the face, I know the YF/GF genes are a bit weird but I would expect a chick with GF from the cock and YF from the hen to have at least one of them. Here are yesterdays and todays pics. I take back my DF pied assumption, seems like a lot of blue is coming through now. I must be way to tired when I update this because I just now realized it put the wrong year as the thread topic, woops.
  15. Stormy's getting big. trying to take photos out of the box has become nearly impossible, s/he moves around way to much now. Todays photos
  16. I'm not hand raising, but I do daily checks to make sure s/he's doing good. I also take the time for photo op's during the checks.
  17. Oh KAZ, I hatched out a pink budgie, they all start out pink, dontchaknow.
  18. Hen is opaline, sexing by opaline would be out of the question. And the chick has black dots, which indicate that it will not be opaline. you can see the dots in this photo The cock is also golden face, not YF, this chick should be both as the hen if YF. Todays Photos I do think it'll be heavily pied though, possibly DF, as both parents are dom pieds.
  19. It's amazing what a day can do, yesterday Stormy was still in the sleepy/dont care/cuddle stage, today s/he's a little spit fire, moving around making baby noises and flapping wings. His/her tail feathers are pinning out and the pied spot is visable. Todays photos
  20. Thanks JimmyBanks. Stormy's growing like a weed. Here's todays picture, 8 days old Can't wait to see some feathers!
  21. Todays picture, s/he's growing up so fast. Def. not an opaline chick so Hector isn't split. His/her eyes opened today too.
  22. This is the first time I've had issues with first timers as well. Though they seem to be very devoted parents. I removed #3, still no movement and it looks like the membrane is starting to seperate.Stormy is doing very well though, getting bigger by the day. Todays picture
  23. I dont think #3 is going to hatch, there doesn't seem to be any movement inside the egg. I'm going to leave it in the box just in case. I assume she let it chill, I've found it a few times behind her while she was sleeping huddled over the chick. The joys of first timer pairs. The chick(Stormy) however is doing just fine, growing and squeeling as a chick should. I'll have pics tomorrow
  24. I'm positive egg #1 was #1, it was further along in developement than the others, and they were marked. The chick in egg #3 is in the aircell now, no extrnal pip yet, but all seems well.
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