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  1. It's not female...that is certain. It is a male but his cere is slightly offcoloured due to possible hormone imbalance, age or health issue, many boys will kiss and preen other boys in the aviary so that alone is no sign of the sex.
  2. This budgie has well advanced scalyface so get some spot on ivermectin and treat him and any others in the same cage or aviary. If you want sexing photos try and get clearer photos.....use the macro setting. Your other topic re sexing is far too fuzzy.
  3. you can post larger photos than you have....480 by 640 is allowed here.....and if you have a line between each photo it helps too
  4. Budgies preen with their beaks....they preen themselves and other budgies and they also preen their human friends....possible Pipsqueak was going to gently preen your fingertips which they often do
  5. You can use the aviary for whatever you like really but when you finish breeding the budgies they cant go back in with the finches. We have finches and canaries and parrots as well as budgies. In my husbands old aviary which was HUGE he had the finches and canaries and parrots. As a result there were many of the finches and canaries with broken leg issues, missing feet and legs. The hooked beak birds ( parrots and budgies ) are inclined to reach over and bite the legs and feet of the finches and canaries to move them off the shared perches. I dont mix ANYTHING else with my budgies at all. PLEASE PLEASE put a safety door on that aviary before anything else.
  6. **KAZ**

    Hey Y'all

    Read below my answer for the link on How to post pictures..... and your budgie is a BOY Welcome
  7. **KAZ**

    My Flock...

    Your hen isnt in breeding condition and looks little too young just yet too. That cage is perfect breeding cage size.
  8. I'd add a safety door before I went putting any more birds in there.
  9. Aviary birds need play gym areas as much as any. tame house budgie. Your gumtree sticks will need to be thick enough to be assembled with screws. People ( myself and other show breeders ) have branches and wooden wine racks in aviaries for the amusement, entertainment and additional exercise the birds get from it. Just cos they are show budgies not pet budgies doesn't change the type of fun they like to have whether its aviary , inside cage or free flight.
  10. Use the link in my signature ...how to post pictures...
  11. I understand how you feel. I just lost another duster and they work their way into your heart so quickly. We hope each time, despite facts to the contrary, that ours will live longer than most. Very sad when they go .
  12. Time to get a concrete base to the aviary not soil floor and stop all damp getting in as well as reassessing the feeding areas and removal of waste from floors. Best when cocci rears its ugly head is to bring birds inside in cages with warm lamps while treating with meds and not be too quick to have them battle more cold and damp till truly over it and fully fit
  13. The general consensus of opinion seems to be that birds are lactose intolerant therefore most people would not be feeding cheese.
  14. RSPCA is really a toothless tiger. There was puppies in a petshop recently ...........only 3-4 wks old and the staff were telling customers they were 7-8 wks old. RSPCA wouldnt respond and said it was a commerce problem. They pups were taken into rescue by concerned citizens. They had bellies full of worms so bad they couldnt poop them out.
  15. You can use coccivet of course as it seemed you had coccidiosis going through. What you neglected to do it seems is fully clean the aviary. The occysts stay active in the aviary and the birds reinfected from that. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=25424
  16. **KAZ**

    How Many?

    six birds no nestboxes...as that is then colony breeding....you can barely access the box you have. your measurements are wrong
  17. The whole oats content of this indicates it is whats called a budgie mix not a premium budgie blend. Best you only give oats in winter when its real cold. and flip....if you look here http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=29023 you wont need to do google searches...always check the forum first.
  18. female on the left and male on the right.
  19. Very cute.............. Just for clarification about the forum....you can post photos of other pets here but you cant ask questions about their training or upkeep.....i.e. no support questions. The rules of this budgies only forum ....sorry
  20. The blue budgie is a female and the other one is male.
  21. It will be dead tomorrow or shortly after if they dont try and sell the cute fluffy one to some unsuspecting customer..................typical of such places to fob off good information. Its designed to shut you up so noone overhears the conversation. I have experienced such things ( Picton ) and have never set foot in that door ever again due to rudeness and lack of action for their birds. :(
  22. Ignore EVERYTHING anyone has ever said about white around nostrils..........it leads so many people astray looking for white around nostrils when that nostril thing is so inaccurate its not funny. A baby hen has an overall white over her cere not just nostrils. What I am seeing is a boy
  23. The cere appears bright pink in the photos which would indicate male. If it was a female there would be an overall whitish look ( not just nostrils but overall white ) . As photos can be deceptive...what colour are you seeing ? Also what are the parents and can we have a photo of the back of this chick ?
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