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  1. budgies mate as part of recreational budgie sex...but it doesnt always lead to eggs unless they feel they have a place to raise a family
  2. has faint iris rings and cere colour so could be 5-6 months ....and isnt a rainbow variety
  3. Would like you all to welcome tasbreeder to the position of admin to help out around here ..... tasbreeder is very knowledgable and a show budgie breeder and will have a lot to give .....
  4. **KAZ**

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    budgie breeder or premium blend which you can get from city barn near you in malaga might be the go
  5. Separated out of the other topic...please remember to make your own topics not in amongst someone elses
  6. OLD topic Trefto and the original poster may no longer be around ....but your post is also relevant
  7. Dad is no way a clearflight pied. He is a goldenface most likely SF gf cobalt and also appears to be greywing as already stated and opaline . mum could be hiding anything under her albino white coat of little surprises an ino can hide anything so your statement isnt correct. . An ino hen we had breeding recently produced ALL GREY OPALINE DOMINANT PIEDS when paired with a blue split ino cock.....this proved that under her "little white coat of surprises " she was in fact a DF grey opaline DF dom pied.................so what an ino hen contributes can be anything under the sun .......because you cant see what she is carrying or masking Baby appears to be a yf or gf blue dilute
  8. LJ your dom pied must be a dom pied spangle ....you can only get a df spangle from TWO spangle parents colony breeding or cabinet breeding ? post piks of the parents okay I'm confused KAZ abt why a bird cannot be split to spangle. I have just had a nest fledge with 3 X light green spangle 2 x YF T1, Violet normal Cock is OIlive Violet opaline / spangle? Hen is Df Yf presenting as sky Normal /? According to what you say here KAZ this is not possible YET HERE IT IS. I'm confused The only thing I can think of is that cock may be masking Sp somehow Ill start a new thread for this I say again..............you cannot have spangle masked, hidden or split for. Its a DOMINANT gene ....one is either spangle or it isnt ...it can be carried. It can be hidden only in albino, lutino, yf albino, and df spangles ...... half the issues are mis identification of the parent birds, OR colony breeding, or hen retaining sperm form another mating post piks of the parents
  9. http://www3.sympatico.ca/davehansen/obstruct.html
  10. please follow our direction on how to post pictures .........click on the link in my signature
  11. The parents don't have to be both spangles. The male can be split spangle, as I get df spangles out of this combination. Dominated Pied Cock + Spangle Hen = So I guess my cock bird is split spangle. Incorrect.........as spangle is a dominant gene no budgie can be split spangle your girl has whats called scissorbeak...she would have hatched with this deformity .......her beak will continue to grow wrong as neither top of bottom beak works with each other in the usual way to shape it and keep it in trim....you will need to constantly trim it back for her to eat properly
  12. it wont stay on as the hole you have made is too big ..........photo of what you have done will help with advice
  13. a bird cant be split for aust yf as its a dominant gene....its either an ayf or it isnt ..cant be carried in a hidden form or split for
  14. Nadene was correct he is a goldenface mauve opaline
  15. recipe ? we have one in our food and nutrition section under recipes ....there's a seed bell recipe which you can use and the sticky part of the ingredient I believe is eggwhite
  16. the chick wont lay on its side if the sponge hobble is pushed up over its knees and the spare sponge is cut away to reduce the weight of it....can you post a picture ? Make sure its just splayed legs and not a break up near the hip joint or rickets
  17. RIP is still around...by private messaging her you should get a response as notification will go to her email
  18. pair 1 i think its violet DF dominant pied as it is purplish or could be mauve with normal green MAUVE dom pied to green normal....................green is dominant .............expect green normals and green pieds ............unless the green is split blue The green has scalyface so I wouldnt be breeding him at all till hes well and sorted out Pair 2 i think they are both Light green DF dominant pieds They are dark green not light green .........DF to Df dom pieds if they are df will give you df dom pieds Pair 3 i think its light green opaline spangle with blue/grey opaline spangle opaline spangles in green unless the green is split blue ......you have a 25% chance of a double factor spangle BUT the male looks sick so I would breed him at all if I was you where do you get that from ?
  19. you have a water dish directly under a perch ........ = poopy contaminated water Re the log.....it isnt the best of budgie breeding homes and babies will end up falling out of it if there are any and you do need to be able to check and clean nests .......... so I wouldnt have the log in there but thats just me any kind of nesting place force breeds budgie whether old enough or not and creates fights over possessions of it. If you have any budgies in there under 12 months they shouldnt have access to anywhere they can get the idea about laying eggs and raising a family ....... Nice aviary
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