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  1. I was looking through some old pictures on my hard drive today and started looking at the hundreds of pics of my budgies. It brought back so many memories. I thought about this forum and how much I learned from here. I miss having budgies sooo. I have lost track of most of them as they were given away, sold, etc. by the people who took them after Lucas got sick. I still feel guilty not knowing what life held for them after I had to give them up. But when I was told my child had cancer it was a choice that had to be made. Lucas is doing so fantastic. This June he celebrated his first year o
  2. Hi Everyone.... it has been far too long since I updated. I'm not sure if anyone is still here that would remember me. But I thought I should update and let you know that Lucas still is doing very well. His MRI in January showed no signs of cancer. What a blessing! We are so thankful. Here is a picture from this weekend. Look at all the hair!!! I hope all is well with you and your feathered friends. Shawna
  3. Update time again.... Lucas has finished his treatments. He had his final dose of chemo on June 11. Right now his counts are down and he is losing his hair again, but otherwise things are good. He is in great spirits and we are all praying that every last cancer cell is dead. He is looking forward to a fun summer. He will have an MRI in July and then again every three months for at least a year. Then the frequency of MRIs will lesson and eventually I think it will be once a year. He will probably have his g-tube and port-a-cath for awhile as it can take up to a year to recover from the treatme
  4. I can't believe that it is May already. Lucas just finished his 8th of 9 cycles of chemo. He's doing great. We are so thankful. He will start his final cycle in June. It was over a year ago that the "nightmare" began. We've come a long way in a year. Lucas has taught us so much. We've been immersed in a world no parent ever wants to be immersed in but we have learned to cope. We have met so many people that have enriched our lives. But we've experienced pain too as we've had to say goodbye to some very special little children. We don't know what the future holds for Lucas because cur
  5. Update time again. We are feeling so blessed. Lucas had another MRI last week and it shows no signs of disease. He started Cycle 7 of chemo yesterday and we are home already. He copes so well with his chemo treatments. Only 2 more cycles to go after this one. We are so thankful for the prayers from everyone and praise God that he remains cancer free. It is hard to believe that it was almost a year ago that the nasty tumour was growing in him. I remember him having headaches at March Break Camp and its March Break this week. Thinking back to the early days after diagnosis I can't believe how fa
  6. My favourite of all time - yf spangles. They are gorgeous.
  7. Shawna


    He looks so great Elly. I'm glad I popped in to take a peek.
  8. Hello Budgie Friends, It's been awhile since I've updated. I've peeked in a few times to see what is happening but don't have much time to spend here. I still find it hard missing my budgies. It was roughly two years ago that I got Sylvester and Tweety and my obsession with them started. Tweety is still doing great at mom's. Lucas just completed his 5th of 9 rounds of chemo. Only 4 to go and he is doing very well. We've had some bumps along the way but he is tolerating it all and is still able to go to school some. He has some hearing and kidney damage from the cisplatin, but they reduced
  9. Thanks Aly, all donations to children's hospitals and in particular to research are so important and appreciated by those of us with sick children!!!!! I don't visit the forum much these days. It is hard now that I don't have my budgies. It makes me miss them so. I do want to update about Lucas. He just had his second MRI post surgery yesterday and the result is clear - no tumour regrowth. We are thrilled. He is about to start his 4th of 9 rounds of chemo. His third round was the toughest with him getting sick, losing his hair again, having extremely low bloodcounts, and ending up in h
  10. They all look so great Bea. Fizzy is super cute!
  11. It has been awhile since my last post. Life is busy now that I'm back at work. But all is going fairly well. Lucas has completed round 2 of chemo. He had to have a reduction in the dosage because his GFR test showed reduced kidney function. He is back in school and glad to be there. He is feeling well but does have headaches on a regular basis which causes me a TREMENDOUS amount of anxiety. His oncologist didn't seem worried when we were in last, but the headaches bring me back to the weeks prior to diagnosis. I'll be glad when he has his next MRI which is in November... yet I'm scared at the
  12. Get that thing out of my face. AGH!!!!
  13. I love creaminos - especially if they are very pale.