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  1. first of all my apologizes for not keeping all of you updated on the 6 chicks my budgies had awhile back.well the chicks are doing great, two chicks are going to their new homes today! im fortunate enough to have found 3 people that want to take two, so this way the chicks will have at least one budgie friend, and they will stay together.anyways here are some updated pics:
  2. Alright thanks for the advice. I moved the hen to a different cage. While the female was still in the cage, I have seen the male feed the chicks only a couple times, you think that he will figure out that he still has to feed some of the chicks right?
  3. Oh by the way after I posted this, I checked on them and the second oldest also left the nest!One thing Im a little worried about though is that the female got into a little squabble between the oldest chick, and the 2nd that fledged keeps biting the other chicks foot. I was going to wait about 2 or 3 days to move the chicks into a different cage, but do you think I should do it sooner?
  4. Hey guys sorry I havent posted pics in awile, the camera software on the computer wasnt working. But Im glad to say that the oldest chick fledged the nest today! Here are some updated pics
  5. im excited to see the outcome of these two!when is the first due to hatch?
  6. Yes its very exciting, and whats awesome is each chick is changing every day, and now it seems another one of the chicks is like the female.
  7. Alright here are some updated pics of the crew. It seems all the chicks will probably recessive pied the male, except for this one,he seems he will be just like the female, but a little lighter and less green:
  8. I will get some more pics, but this is one that I just took.
  9. I will put some more pics up shorty. Their feathers are coming in very nice.
  10. This isnt the best picture, but here is a little update on how they look, obviously there are more than in the last picture I posted, and the there bigger haha
  11. Haha thanks. Oh great idea kaz. I completely spaced on that, Ive just been so excited with the chicks hatching. I have a huge bag of nesting material sitting right in front the cage too haha.
  12. haha okay so here they are. There are now 3 that have hatched! And 3 of the other eggs look fertile. I have need to help them with feeding eventually. They are doing a good job of it now though.
  13. The 2nd egg layed hatched today. it only took 17 days instead of 18, and that one was suppose to hatch tomorrow. Oh and the first egg layed didnt hatch.
  14. yea the first is suppose to hatch on the 21st, but Im pretty sure that the first is infertile. And she stopped at 7 eggs
  15. Yeah I did notice yesterday a third egg looked fertile. If the female was to lay another egg, it would be today, so when she comes out, I will check if there is a 7th egg.
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