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  1. Hi guys, havent been on in a looong time but im back i still have my budgies and the flock has just grown over time Now i wanted to ask some advice on these two hens, im not sure what mutation they are. 1st hen: 2nd Hen: (i thought a light green opaline myself ) Any help would be wonderful Cheers Lozza
  2. i would say female personally, but it is a tough one
  3. Hi guys, im after some hens (1 to 2 years old preferably) to breed later this season. Im coming down to brisbane on the 13th of August and im going home on the 14th of August. Anyone in Brisbane have any hens they want to sell? I know Daz has a cull coming up - but im just asking to see if theres more out there Cheers lozza
  4. Also my whole club uses Equimax for worming of their birds as it is the one our club sells. It is mentioned on a finch website below http://www.finchsoci...worms/worms.htm "EQUIMAX LIQUID ALLWORMER: Contains abamectin and praziquental. This one was sent to me by Jeff Challacombe from Queensland and he states that it is a staple wormer up there, especially around the Bundaberg area I believe. He states that the recommended dose from their vet was 2mls/litre for 2 days or 3mls/litre for 1 day. He felt, as do I, that the two day dose probably ensures that all finches are well dosed. He h
  5. My club definately said to use the baycox that way. In fact i asked for Ivermectin and they said they only had baycox - and i assumed it did the same thing. Well looks like im going to have to track down some ivermectin - and that ive wasted that baycox/ plus my time dropping it on every bird....Abit annoyed at thr club for not specifying as i asked afew times if it was for the back of the neck... Also my whole club uses Equimax for worming of their birds as it is the one our club sells. It is mentioned on a finch website below http://www.finchsociety.org/cfa/worms/worms.htm "EQUIM
  6. Hi guys, Sorry for all the posts in the "Health Questions and Tips" lol, im just trying to get my knowledge right about afew different medications thats all - abit paranoid over all this stuff. Anyway, i have a bird who isnt looking the best at the moment, She is a young hen who is ill at the moment, she has a dirty vent, she isnt too light - a reasonable weight - so no keel bone showing - she has greenish droppings (which i first thought would be from her green veggies), runny they are, She is still eating, chirping and acting as usual apart from this (i know budgies are great preten
  7. Hi guys, just another question from curiosity - how are you supposed to administer Baycox to a budgie? through water, food or on the back of the neck? My local club told me it is administered via eyedropper to the back of the neck (2 drops) - but after reading other posts on here im unsure. My club told me "put 2 drops on the nape of the birds neck when the bird looks under the weather" - so not very detailed there. Does Baycox only treat coccidiosis? or does it also treat other parasites? Im simply asking as my club tells me one thing and the Internet tells me another. I use both Bayco
  8. Thanks for the help Splat all figured out on this issue now Cheers lozza
  9. The Multiboost vitamins say its used for "caged and aviary birds - ideal for use in finches, budgies, canaries, love birds, cockatiels, cockatoos, rosellas, grass parrots and other birds" My water is given via a large glass bottle (vodka bottle) hanging upside down with a hole in the lid (so the birds drink from that) they dont get seed or poop in their water this way. I do still change the water every second day though - even though it isnt polluted. So would every second week be any better for the vitamins? (therefore twice per month). i want to use them but weekly might be abit muc
  10. Hi guys, i just have a few questions regarding two medications i have. Multi boost (vitamin supplement) which i havent used before but wanted to try how it goes and Probac Soluble (a probiotic). Now both of them say "change every 24hours or should be consumed in 24 hours". Regarding the multi boost - Why must it be changed every 24 hours? is this because the vitamins die off once mixed with water and sunlight? im really just curious on what the reason on 24 hour changes is. Also while im asking questions, with the probiotic - how long do you treat the birds for? a week? a day? 3 days
  11. I do agree, especially in those last 2. He looks sick to me.
  12. Hi guys, sorry to take over the thread, but one of my budgies has similar staining to this, but i do feed them carrot regularly. Her staining is more orange and goes around her mouth too - would this be because of her messy eating? She isnt sick in any other way. Pretty sure im worried over nothing
  13. My local vets will not sell ronnivet to me without me taking a bird in (pretty hard at the moment as i dont have any sick birds) i just wanted it as a preventative. Is it possible to buy it through a club or through a breeder on here? sorry to be a pain but i just dont know where else i can get it
  14. Hi guys, I am reviewing my medications used for my birds and came across two diseases i dont really know alot about. My birds are treated for lice and all types of worms (Avian Insect Liquidator and Quimax liquid all wormer). my budgies are perfectly healthy at the moment, however i was just wondering what you guys use to treat canker and megabacteria and how to prevent them? Ive heard of Ronnivet for canker, but where can i obtain this? Also i think i heard vetafarm spark mentioned to help with megabacteria? not really sure. Thought i would ask the silly questions and just g