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    Hi Guys

    Hi everyone I've not been on here for a few years- life got seriously crazy! My poor wee Oscar used a few months ago after having a bleed/stroke at 12 years old. I know have a new wee baby!!! Not sure what breed he is and I've still to name him so any suggestions would be greatly received ?
  2. Aw they are absolutely gorgeous! I love them!
  3. Aw they are soooo cute!
  4. Hey, I'm having the same problem with my fat budgie Oscar. Food wise we are doing the same thing but we found that if we get him flying he loses weight faster. Can you leave the male in the cage while you fly the female? Our vet also advised milk thistle to help his liver. Hope this helps
  5. Cheeky

    Lots Of Fun

    Oops sorry guys http://s41.photobucket.com/albums/e283/alisonmac78/?action=view&current=VIDEO0017.mp4
  6. Cheeky

    Lazy Bones

    What else do you think?
  7. Ozzie having loads of fun with his favourite toy truck! http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid41.photobucket.com/albums/e283/alisonmac78/VIDEO0017.mp4
  8. Cheeky

    Lazy Bones

    Sorry Taylor I haven't got a clue! I posted a picture of my previous budgie who looks very similar and everybody said he was a type 2 yellow face. Anybody got any suggestions?
  9. I'm so sorry he was a gorgeous wee thing and I'm sure u made his short life very happy. You shouldn't let it put you off getting another wee friend though. Hugs
  10. You definitely need to take her to the vet I think
  11. Cheeky

    Lazy Bones

    Yeah he is very spoiled lol but he's worth it!
  12. While trying to get ozzie to lose some weight we got him chasing his favourite truck around the living room.....until he got fed up!
  13. Don't know if its my place to say but jabberwokky emailed me to say that poor wee dalek passed away after a battle to save him. Poor wee thing x
  14. Im still single coz Scottish men are rubbish! Lol go to pubs and clubs, do lots of different sporty things too. Men dont approach women anymore so it makes it difficult, have tried talking to them but crashed and burned lol! I think most people meet their partners through work or through friends. Unfortunately I work with a bunch of women and all my friends are single women!
  15. I'm single but you guys all live far too far away!
  16. Really? Aw hope everything is okay. Thanks stace x
  17. Lol that's so cute! Looks like great fun!
  18. Ha ha that sounds brilliant! You should try and get it on video!
  19. Surely they have been put on as a joke! People can't be that thick can they? Jeez!
  20. Sorry maisie I noticed the error after I posted and couldn't figure out how to fix it! Blooming predictive text!
  21. Lol I couldn't get ozzie to do that if I tried either! He just does these funny things himself! Lol
  22. Ozzie flew off and this is where I found him! So cute!
  23. Hiya its still going well I think! Hasn't been weighed again but he is due at the end of the month so ill let you know how he gets on!. Still not eating veggies but i'll keep trying. Have you had possum weighed? I'm noticing that Oscar is scaveging off the carpet a lot more since putting him on the diet-poor little guy is still hungry!
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