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  1. I always isolate new birds from my current flock & have plenty of room for that. Here is a picture of the cage: The company also makes a stainless steel version, but I don't think I want to spend that much right now :budgiedance:
  2. jamieo

    Hello Again

    Here is a short video tour of the bird room:Click here to watch My-Bird-Room I had just gotten home and most everyone was inside their cage. At the beginning you can see one of my lorikeets bouncing around trying to convinceme to let her out :ausb: heehee, well he's actually a Jenday Conure, but a very close relative of Sun Conures thanks ... cages are almost an obsession of mine, (Laughing out loud). I like to get them as large as possible, however, it is often difficult to find large cages with 1/2" bar spacing for smaller birds. Two of my lorikeets can safely live with 3/4" spacing, so it's a little easier to find cages for them. I am about to add a new cage for all of my budgies and will swap out the current budgie cage for this new larger one.
  3. In October, I'll be getting 3 more "rehomed" budgies from a friend of my mother who is unable to keep them. I currently have 4 budgies (two in two cages) and want to consolidate things. I will probably be getting this cage to keep all 7 of them together. http://www.aviaryconnections.com/Merchant2...ockatoos-Parrot The dimensions are 30"x36"x40" (76.2cm x 91.44cm x 101.6cm) or about 25 cubic feet (43,200 cubic inches). I think this will be large enough for the 7 of them. I just like for them to have plenty of room. Currently, two of them live in a cage that is 32"x21"x32" (81.28cm x 53.34cm x 81.28cm) or about 12 cubic feet. The other two live in a cage that is slightly smaller. I've read through some of the other posts and it looks like that cage will be fine for 7 budgies. Any thoughts? None of my budgies are tame so they, unfortunately, do not get a whole lot of time out of the cage. They are all happy, however, and just like for me to bring the food & water then leave them to their own business. haha Also, this cage will be going into my bird room with my cockatiels, conure, finches, and lorikeets.
  4. I checked Harrison's but some of my budgies prefer ZuPreem pellets. I buy ZuPreem's "AvianEntree" blend that contains dried vegetables in addition to pellets. One blned has dried chili peppers that the birds have fun with- the like to break them open and eat the pepper seeds. It's fod and a toy all in one package.
  5. I was successful in switching my budgies' diet by using two dishes for a while. I wanted to switch them from a total seed diet to a pelleted diet supplemented with sprouted seed. I started off ply placing the pellets in a dish high up in the cage. They would look in the high dish before looking into the lower dish. Of course for the first few weeks, they wasted all of the pellets in the higher dish, but eventually they started nibbling at them. Once I saw them begin to eat the pellets, I slowly began reducing the amount of seed I gave them. Over a period of a few months I totally removed the seed altogether and their primary diet is pellets. I do give them millet and sprouted seeds- which they love.
  6. For any US members who are interested in giving their budgies eucalyptus branches & leaves, you can order it freshly-cut from http://eucproducts.com .. they are located in California .... Southern California is full of eucalyptus trees & in some areas if you did not know better, you'd think you were in Australia. :(Laughing out loud):
  7. jamieo

    Hello Again

    Thanks, the birds love it in there. It's open to my living room so they are still nearby when I am in there. It's got it's own heating & air conditioning unit also. The glass is double-paned & argon filled so it's well insulated. Also, it has a coating to reduce UV and heat from the sun, so it stays very pleasant in there. THere are two skylights as well to let in extra light. The birds wake up at sunrise, haha, and put themselves to bed around sundown. I could tell almost immediately that they enjoyed being in there. The day after I moved in, they were chirping and move active than I'd ever seen them.
  8. jamieo

    Hello Again

    thanks They are very colorful (and quite loud at times) :(Laughing out loud):
  9. jamieo

    Hello Again

    Hi all! I registered here a couple of years ago, but got distracted, (Laughing out loud). Anyway ... I'll re-introduce myself. I currently live with 25 birds- 12 parrots and 13 finches. I have 4 budgies, 4 cockatiels, a Mitchell's Lorikeet, 2 Yellow Back Chattering Lories, and a Jenday Conure. My finches live in an indoor mini-aviary & have 3 Gouldians, 3 Zebra Finches and 7 Society Finches (Bengalese Finches). It's a job taking care of everyone, but they all seem happy Here are a few pictures of my birdroom .. I hve not finished painting so the green color looks a little rough. http://www.putfile.com/picture.php?img=6389835 http://www.putfile.com/picture.php?img=6389834 http://www.putfile.com/picture.php?img=6389833 http://www.putfile.com/picture.php?img=6389832 Here are some of my birds: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_0824.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_0134.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_1071.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_1935.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_3238.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_3482.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_3518.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/jo1...ds/IMG_3567.jpg Pictures changed to links as they were oversized - Photos should be no larger than 450 X 450 pixels
  10. jamieo

    Changing Names

    I'd stick with Pretty or Lovey either one if you or your daughter like them. He's not going to care one way or the other
  11. Well, Aristotle got a reasonably clean bill of health from his vet this morning. The doctor did find Aristotle had a bit of a problem with yeast overgrowth and also a mild gram negative bacteria problem. Neither was serious enough to warrant medicine, but he did ask me to start giving him Prime Vitamins which include beneficial bacterial supplements. Overall the visit was not too traumatic for him, haha, though he did have a couple of flights around the examination room. The doctor trimmed his nails and beak a bit and also properly clipped his wings. The pet store trimmed them when I bought Aristotle, but did not do a very good job. Right now he's resting here at home in his cage, haha. I think he's still a bit miffed at me but I think he'll come around soon, hahaha! I am not sure how old he might be and I asked the doctor for his guess. He was not too sure but thought he might be as old as 4 yrs. His leg band has "TF", "01" sideways, and "136" stamped on it. THe doctor thought the "01" might indicate he was born in 2001, but I am not sure he is that old. His eyes are still totally black and his head is still striped. The vet did say though, that he did not think the pet store I bought my bird from sold birds that old so the information on his leg band is probably just information for the breeder. I placed a picture of him in the gallery ... I'll get some better ones once he's feeling more like posing for the camera, haha.
  12. haha! well, maybe he'll come around one day
  13. Thanks for the replies, ladies. Yes, the vet I am taking him to is an avian vet (http://www.vetpets.net)- he's a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians. I was able to find a couple in this area that accepted birds, but this one is the only one that is a member of the AAV and it's close to home. They also board birds if I have to leave town for a long period of time. They have a "Bird Annual Wellness Plan" that covers all of the normal exams and vaccinations as well as some discounts on other services. They also run a service called EARL- "Exotic Animal Rescue League". haha, well, I've been trying that but so far he's not shown any interest in Millet. This moring I broke off some small pieces and placed it in one of his food dishes. He inspected it carefully (with an expression of "hey, that's not the stuff that's supposed to be in that dish") for a few minutes but hopped off to the other dish for his "usual" breakfast. I've been feeding him KayTee's "Fiesta" food for parakeets, since that's what they were feeding him at the pet store. I'm working on getting him to accept fresh foods, but so far he's had no part of it. I am also going to try to get him to start eating pellets. I just don't want to try and get him to change too many things all at once.
  14. Today is my two week "anniversary" as a budgie's human. I've never owned one before but as a kid always had other birds (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, sometimes phesants and quail) but never any tame birds as pets. I'd been thinking about getting a pet bird for a while and made my final decision after visiting a friend of mine in Parramatta, NSW and seeing his scaley-breasted lorikeet. I was not able to find a breeder here in my area so I ended up buying my budgie, Aristotle, at a nearby pet store. The cage was very clean and all of the birds seemed healthy and happy. Aristotle is your typical green budgie with a yellow face, black-striped wings, and blue tail. His green feathers vary from an almost fluorescent green to a lime green. I am guessing he is less than 5 months old, since his eyes are still totally black and he still has some stripes on his head. He's still not too comfortable with me, but I think he's getting more comfortable with the idea of this huge scary thing being around him all the time, haha. I work all day, but do get to spend some time with him early in the morning before I leave- we have breakfast together usually. In the afternoon, when I get home, I usually sit and talk or read to him, haha. He seems to like it, but still gets nervous when I put my hand inside his cage. I've been slowly placing it inside and just leaving it there without moving aroud a lot or doing anything that might scare him. I'm hoping that he'll eventualyl become hand tame. I do leave the radio or television on for him during the day while I am gone. Occasionally he will chirp when I come into the house, but not always. I am taking him to the vet this Saturday to get him checked out. I have a feeling that will be traumatic for him since I'll have to get him out of his cage and put him in a small, travel cage, that I bought for him. What are your opinions of playing bird "noises" for him? I've got a few CD's of natural bird sounds- bascially recodrings made in forests, jungles, etc with ambient noise and birds. I've played them a few times for him, but I'm kind of concerned that it might interfere with our "bonding" and if I overdo it, he'll never really become tame enough to be comfortable around me. He will chirp along with the bird songs and seems to enjoy them. I'm not going to be upset if he never really becomes fully tame, but I would like for him to get to the point that he's not afraid of me. thanks!
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