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  1. Hi and thanks for that, I did take him to the vet about a week ago, but she seemed to think it was more to do with eating seed to fast or little feather, as he is never fluffed up, only takes occasional naps through the day, is always playful, chirping, eating a lot of food (when ever I look he is nibbling food....lol), trying to talk, kissing and playing with his bird and mirror, on my hand, climbing, no breathing problems at rest, only sometimes this tsk sound after eating sometimes. I will monitor him though and see if I can get a video of him. Also his feet feel normal temp like they always are, and he preening a lot and never regurgitate food back. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I need some advice. My 7 month old budgie Buzby sounds like he has seed stuck after eating making a ch ch sound, and then he is adjusting his crop, this only lasts a few seconds and then he his okay. He has no signs of illness, he is really playful, climbing, eating really well, chirping, learning to talk so no signs of illness. He dont do this when he is playing or resting, only after eating sometimes. He seems to eat really fast and streches his neck in some ways to eat his seed and trill toppers and it is like he gulps his food down, then he has a seed or something stuck which he is trying to clear, and then he carries on eating straight after, and then preening. Any advice is appreciated, as I know my other budgie did it sometimes, but not as often and i was wondering if he is getting little feathers or seed stuck, as he is dropping feathers as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. I know that is how I feel, but it is hard for me as well, as my budgies always in the corner next to my chair, so that they are never far from me if they want to play or what not and I am near them to just talk randomly too, or to give them some attention and caring. In that corner there have been a budgie for over 20 years so when one no budgie is there, it feels very very lonely and quiet as stupid as that probably sounds, it like a big part is missing not hearing them chirp, ring a bell or do something funny and unexpected.
  4. Thanks all. I can report that Buzby is settling in well, he will perch on my finger, eat and drink okay in company and is not neverous about sounds or us in the house. He is very active as he is running around the floor, jumping perch to perch to bars, climb his mirrors and for some unknown reason he is rolling on his back on the floor and either rolling fully over or on his back and cleaning his claws going mad, and he is chirping when he wants. Having him and spending time with him have helped me to deal the loss of my other buzby better, as wed night and thurs I was quite a bit upset thinking about him, then having the new bird fri, over the weekend I could think about my other buzby without getting upset as much as I did, so I could focus on the good times with him more than thinking about wed evening at the vets when he passed in my father hands, who was also upset while bonding with new buzby, and watching him do funny stuff.
  5. Hey, here is the link to the thread about my new pretty boy, New budgie thread, where I put a picture and a bit of information. Unoriginal I know, but I called him Buzby again as I explain in the thread I linked to. Thanks. Anthony
  6. Hi all, well today I picked up my new budgie from the breeder I got Buzby from. He gives away his birds to people who look after them, and when I offered to pay he wouldnt accept. Below is a picture of him, best I could get due to him getting used to his surroundings and new home. He was born 23/12/09 so still only a baby yet. I know it is unoriginal, but I have called him Buzby again as I could not think of another name, as I have been a bit upset since Buzby (mark 1) passed away and did not really think about a new name or other budgie other than to be a bit excited about someone different to play with and see what personality he has. When I brought him home, he sat quiet, looking around for about an 1 1/2 hrs, during which he would have a little preen, look around etc. then after about 3 hrs he started to do acrobatics around the cage, which one move I have never seen before was to literally roll on to his back and back on his feet in one smooth movement. Then he had food, and came up to top perch. So I put my finger in and he hopped on to it and sat there looking around, quiet relaxed and then he had a little preen and clean on my finger before putting him back on the perch. He has been active, then sit, active again, sit, a little more food, sit. I did give him a drink of water tonight after 14 hrs, as I did not see him go for water, but he took a drink off me so I was happy. I think he is settling in okay, as 6 1/2 yrs is a long time to remember fully how the other buzby was. Thanks. Anthony
  7. Thanks all for the replies, yes he was and always seemed to take everything in his stride. I am having an other budgie 2morrow who is 4 - 5 weeks old like he was, so I got a new bonding and training session all over again. Though I am not looking to replace him as he was unique in his way, but I have had a bird in my life for 27 years so the corner feels empty and quiet at the moment, and plus to help the grieving process for myself as it is what I have always done with my budgies, mourn, get another one within a day or so and bond with him while getting over the previous. Still been sad today though as hate to admit it, but have had a few tears thinking about good times and looking at pics, but still it was for the best, as seeing him suffering and breathing hard was not good for Buzby or me, it hurt those 3, 4 days. At least in went naturally over the vets in my dad's hands rather than by a injection, but was prepared to make the decision for my pretty boy. He lasted 3 1/2 years with his tumour which is pretty good I think so I must have loved him and looked after him okay, considering a emergency vet said then he might have to be put to sleep when he was 3 yrs old.
  8. Here is my boy Buzby who passed away due to what the vet thinks was a stroke from age at 6 1/2 due to his tumour. He was ill since saturday, so at least he pain free now. Thread here Buzby thread :question: Buzby Anthony
  9. Hey all, just on update. I took him to the vet, she had a look at him still quiet so she examined him, could see him in distress and said we will try an quick xray, then give him an anti-inflamatory and some anti-biotic to see if it can help him. So I give him to my father to go out and tell my mother, then when I went back in inside a min, my father said he just passed away in his hand, so I have been a bit upset tonight, but will get another one soon and still remember my boy. At least he went peacefully and not with the help of any drugs.
  10. Hi all, I havent posted on here for a while, but thought I would as I got to take my 6 1/2 yr old budgie to the vet in 2 hours as he aint been well since sunday. He have had a tumour for the last 3 yrs and he has never had a real problem other than every 2 - 3 months I would take him to the vet to have his claws clipped, where the vet would give him a quick check over to see how is was. He has been very active for that time, with the odd few days over the 3 yrs of having the tumour, but no real problems which have effective him. sunday he just sat on his perch or on his food tray, not moving much and not eating much through the day, then eat at night. He been the same mon and tues and to me his left foot have lost some responsiveness. Having the vet look at him, but think it will be bad news at his age, being a english show budgie and all. I have always looked after him and regular vet visits, but feel powerless that my only option now is to put him to sleep and very upset. Just venting to be honest, will let you know how he gets on. Thanks. Anthony
  11. Good news, now Buzby has returned to his normal self, including appetite and firm poos now. It was a very strange one though and something I can't really explain as it was no warning signs the day before or nothing as I always keep an close eye on my boy. Now he got plenty of energy and chirping (making up for lost time I think) Thanks again Anthony
  12. No, I had no coatings sprayed on the suite, and I did take him out of the room when the suite was being delivered. He shows no sign of breathing problems just was quiet and still. Seems to be getting better, but only eating little bits of food and still soft poos. Anthony
  13. Thanks for that, I will keep that in mind. Just an update, I got up this morning and expecting the worse I undcovered buzby and he was quite well and after he woke up he was chirping, and went straight for food. I took him to the vet who could not see nothing unusal with him and said to monitor him. Unfortunately, I think were he did not eat, his poos are a little runny, but the boy is back to himself at the moment. I will keep an update on buzby on this thread as to how he is doing. Thanks. Anthony
  14. Hi all, I need some advice. I have Buzby booked in thursday for a vet appointment, but I am a little concerned about him. He's been okay up till today, but today he has been quiet on his perch, not fluffed up or head back, just sat there moving now and again to clean, prune himself, move up and down the perch and also moved and perked up to come on my hand like he always does, then goes back to sit there. I have known that he has a fatty lump underside of him, as it was diagnosed last year, but it really haven't given him any problems and he has been really healthy with good appetite. I have kept the corner warm for him, and to look at him when he prunes himself and plays on my hand he really looks okay. I have give him water through the day, and tonight he took a few bites of food. Then he comes to life a bit and moves perches tonight before I cover him for bed and he looks his normal self. Yesterday I had a new 3 piece suite delivered and it is a different colour and type and the corner where he is has always been next to my chair so he can play when he wants with me and can see me. Could it be that he has not taken to the 3 piece suite or a little scared by it, as it all looks different. I tried out in the middle of the room of the table where we do place him, and he was still the same, though he can see the whole 3 piece suite. The 2 seems to be linked, but I can't see it affecting him today and not yesterday. Though he was up a lot earlier yesterday than normal. Sorry for the long post and will update you tomorrow if he survives the night. Thanks. Anthony
  15. Thanks all for the replies. No the quality of Buzby life has not gone down, and he healthy. The only time he's been quite is cause of a molt, but everyday he climbs around the cage, talks, grinds beak with contentment, eats really well and drinks. Still love to play with me and my family. See I have never had a bird with Lipomas in all the ones I have had in 24 years and it is all new to me, but this forum has provided me with good information on the subject. I think I only posted cause I had a bad weekend and had some stupid thoughts in my head and just worry about my boy suffering, but buzby is has happy as he has always been. He been a tough little fighter and now he can talk and say many sentences which he has copied from the family. And like my father said, some of us people aren't perfect and get on with life well and buzby has cope with things well. Thanks for all the support and replies, and I am sure that buzby will continue to stay happy and playful and healthy for a good while yet as he takes everything in his stride and too be honest, it amazes me how someone so tiny can survive so much and still be happy and continue to live a normal daily life, it is just a miracle. Anthony
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