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  1. This is my personal opinion letting a budgie out of its cage that doesn't know the room very well can be injured. They tend to panic fly into walls, mirrors (if not covered) windows if there is no blind to shut. You can start with a smaller room but I find that flighted budgie that are just new to the home will panic and fly to the highest spot and then you have to chase them down to get them back in their cage and they get scared. I would recommend doing a 1 time wing clip (make sure both wings are clipped evenly) and I would work on letting 1 out at a time. I would let the 1 out of the cage step up on your finger and you bring him out and then step up so you can put him back in. I would do this so your bird knows that you are the one that keeps him safe by going in and out. I have done this with Merlin. I was stupid and did it the other way with Pretty and I was lucky he didn't break his neck and I did end up clipping him 1x so I could tame him out of the cage and work with his stepping up and flying back to me. I would always have millet as a treat for a reward and the only time they get it is when they fly to you or step up not any other time. Millet = You = Good Things. I would work with the bird that is more trusting of you and work on him being out ONLY by himself for the first week and then you can reverse it and see how it goes with the other bird. Don't let them out together flighted the one will follow the other, they may freak out and one may get hurt. I know there are many that don't want a bird clipped...I believe it is owners choice and when they are pets it is about the safety of the bird when they are in large aviaries like many of our breeders have then it wouldn't make sense to clip them (either 1x for training or all the time). A flighted bird is not always a happy bird sometimes it can be a dead bird...especially if there are ceiling fans, no screens, doors that open all the time, other pets in the house etc... A clipped bird is not always a happy bird either because they can still gain flight to fly out the door, they can be clipped to far and break their breastbone (so when they are first clipped you do want to let them out in a room that has carpeting)...Common sense = a safe bird. Know the pros and cons. Both my birds were clipped 1x for training and bonding and then left flighted. If you have questions let me know.
  2. **** The November Budgie of the Month Winner IS?????? Click here http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=29852&pid=357232&st=0entry357232 to find out. Don't forget this is the last month to enter for Budie of the Mont!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats to Kaz who submitted this cute picture of her kissy budgies Please leave your congrats here. Also don't forget to enter your photo for December if you have not won this year. The 12 winners for 2010 are then put into a contest on who will be Budgie of the Year.
  4. Elly


    There is a Taming Article that goes over a lot of good points and ideas in the FAQ section, please check it out. I am not sure if you have tamed 2 birds or 1 by it self before but it is a lot easier to tame 1 on it's own then 2 together since they tend to bond and mimic each other's behavior. You may want to try different taming tricks with both of them and use millet. Using positive techinques can go along way. You may want to even try clicker training it has been very successful in all types of animals including birds. Clicker Training you can google the website.
  5. I would think if you buy them at separate times they should always be quarantined only if you bought them together from the same place. If I bought 1 budgie from a local pet shop and then another 1 from the same shop 2 weeks later I would quarantine them from each other.
  6. Looks like a Yellow Face Type 1 Cobalt as suggested above possible boy.
  7. **************************************** Time to Vote for November Budgie of the Month CLICK on the link http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=29824 Voting will stay open for 3 day!!!!! Don't forget to enter for December's Contest****************************************

  8. Time to vote for your favorite budgie picture!! Remember we have only 1 more month to submit entries for December Budgie of the month and then there is the Budgie of the Year (this is taken from all the monthly 2010 winners). If you have won this year already you are not qualified to submit a picture, 1 win per member a year that makes it fair for all. Good luck to all if you have a question DO NOT leave it here just PM me. Please no comments just voting!
  9. Put in your best entry for Budgie of the Month. Every one has until the end of each month (U.S. Time EST) to enter a picture. Members vote at the beginning of the month to chose who will be the winner. You can win only 1 time within the year so for example if you won March Budgie of the Month then your pictures can not be qualifed to win again. This prevents 1 member winning all the time and makes it fair since each and every one of us have different talents with our camera.. One picture per member per month. Please remember to keep to the board rules of maximum, pictures should not exceed 480x640 AND links will not be accepted ONLY images. If this is not met then you picture will not be accepted (notification of non acceptance is not guaranteed). Any post you make to this thread will not show up so please do not repost. Do not post questions on this thread if you have a question you can either PM me or post in the Competition Area, thank you. Good luck to all that enter. Winners are recognized for the whole month and a Budgie of the Month Picture (example below) is is added to their signature line and it is removed after the month is over and is added to the next winners signature line. Click HERE to see all the different emblems that are used. They have been created by our own BBC members and we appreciate their help. created by mysixbabies Also note that all monthly winning pictures will be automatically added to the Budgie of the Year fpr 2010. To check out "2008 Budgie of the Year" CLICK HERE OR "2009 Budgie of the Year" CLICK HERE (NOTE: you can only win 1 month per year to make it fair for all members, so example if you win Jan then you are not elibgible to win for the remaining months of that present year) Important Information: if you are the Budgie of the Month and are entered in the Budgie of the Year your original photo most stay up and not be moved, deleted, or link broken, this is the only way we can verifiy that that photo was the winner, if you decide to move, delete the photo your photo is disqualified from the Budgie of the Year Competition. Interested in our Monthly 2009 Winners? CLICK HERE and feel free to look, this is a readme only post, to congratulate the winner feel free to click on the CLICK HERE to Congratulate Link in this thread under the photo. Read here on how to post pictures within guide regulation Photo Regulations/How to Post TIPS on taking good pictures that WIN [*]Make sure you have good lighting, the best is in the daylight without a flash [*]Try and take your budgie's picture without the bar cages, many camera's will let you zoom in and you can put the lense between the space [*]If it is a close-up use your macro setting (symbolized on some camera's by a flower) and then press the shutter button 1/2 way and let it focus
  10. Along with Kaz's advice keep the chick warm in a room if you can that is at least 80F warm does so much for them or you can put them under a light (there is more in the FAQ on what is safe), there is a link in there about what to do if your budgie is sick and what to look for etc.. Warmth again is so very important and it can pull many birds out of it along with medication (if needed) and an avian vet visit (if needed).
  11. Vineger is a very good cleaner and it is known to be non toxic and kill bacteria and is used as a cleaner. When using any cleaner it is the fumes that can kill your bird not just the residue.
  12. He is flirting with you and courting you that is what budgies too when they are single budgies. They see you as their mate so especially males will bob their heads, some may regurgate their seed, they will flirty with your fingers if you give them the chance because I think the nail to them represents another beak of a budgie, if you don't want him bitting I would remove him from you they get the point if you remove them from what they are doing but never physically punish and they get being removed more then they do the word NO. I have a male budgie who is a single boy who does the same thing. They get more flirty at certain time...I would say every 3 months they get pretty flirty but will flirt with you all the time if you let them. If you don't want a hair full of poop or anywhere else you remove and after a few times if you removing and being stern he will stay off.
  13. Don't forget, Budgie of the Month Contest, if you have not yet entered go to the Competetion Forum and do so :)

  14. That is wonderful to hear, the radio always helps, I always leave a radio on in my house when I leave not just for Merlin but for all my animals.
  15. Elly

    I'm Baaack

    Welcome back, your budgies are gorgeous
  16. If you could take a better photo in the natural light that would be best I agree with JB on what it is but the mutation we would need to see the back of the wings. also it is hard to tell if it is a Yellow Face 1 or 2 looks like a 1.
  17. What color is the poo and I am glad you didn't get another one. How he is doing today?
  18. I wish I would have saw this topic before you went out and got another one I assume you did and put the budgie in the cage with her. It is always best to quarantine any new bird into your flock especially if you think your existing one is sick or even if it is healthy the new one can be sick. Quarantine is recommended for at least 30 days and that means a different cage, different room and always washing your hands before you interact with them. The best thing you can do is let your new bird settle in Finnie gave you some great advice. Another thing to see if they are eating is to blow lightly on their seed and if they empty husks fly off you know they are eating. Poop as mentioned is another good way to know if they are eating. It should be hard white droppings with black in the middle if it is runny it can be normal for a few days but if it is a real sloppy poop and all white or all black then your bird is sick and needs to one go back to the shop or two take it to an avian vet ASAP. Pretty my late budgie was a very quiet and insecure for a very long time in his cage and that is very commen for pet store budgies without a lot of human soclalization. Think about if someone plopped you into a new enviroment in a cage with no more friends it would be pretty scary. Single budgies are wonderful to have especially if you want them to bond with you. When you have 2 budgies and both are not tamed and bonded to humans you will have 2 birds that are beautiful, sing, and interact but only with each other.
  19. Welcome, I agree with everyone they are 2 females and they look to be around 3-4 months as they still have their bar lines down to their cere. We have a wonderful section called the FAQ's that gives you a lot of good ideas on diet, behavior, taming, cages types and more.
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