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  1. hahaa My budgie named err Budgie does this too but Ive added to it and now hes learned that when i stand in front of him and say 'WINGS OUT" he sits on the very edge of the top of the cage wings out the sides slightly shaking and he rocks kinda side to side as if hes a big eagle flying
  2. If its PBFD related wouldn't that mean that hes contagious?
  3. Oh geez i wasn't ready for that picture... My daughters heard me squeal and came running to check if i was alright :rofl: I also use A.I.L. for my insect spray.. Looking forward to the progression updates.. what an Awesome hubby you have
  4. hahahah is the Budgie with the beetroot stains in your siggy the same one with the spinach stains at the beginning of this thread? what a mucky chops if it is... one really should learn to use a napkin, bib even
  5. BUG BFER (B fer Budgie) I use to have a peaceful dove named Bug and another named Horse.. (horse seems a popular non horse name huh)
  6. Aww the poor lil chook.. If i was closer id offer him a home here inside with my flock ..
  7. Awww gotta love a Boofy Bubby.. they are very precious Kaz
  8. hahahaaa Im not sure which had me giggling most.. the joke or the replys after heheheee
  9. Great Toys :laughter: .. Another place to purchase toys and toy making supplies from is the PRC (Parrot Rescue Center) http://www.parrotrescuecentre.com/ I buy all of my parrot toys and supplies here.. I like the thought of helping the rescued parrots.. Slightly off topic but still in the toy department, I made my Eclectus hen Ruby and my Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Frankie some homemade "foraging" toys for Christmas.. I got carried away and was going to use some of the smaller twig balls for the budgies and stuff them with yummy treats to hang up ... I managed to forget and use them all :laughter: also couldnt wait for Christmas before i gave them to them hahahaaa
  10. Yup thought so Kaz :laughter: Thats why Ive always stayed away from it.. Ive NEVER seen Fresh beetroot for sale here :laughter: .. Guess thats why Ive stayed away from it.. awww i wish i had some now
  11. Ohhhh I LURVEEEE Nandays :laughter: .. hubby wants Suns though, which is good.. It means i just get to add MORE to my little flock hahahaaa Cute birds :laughter:
  12. :laughter: Im so sorry for your loss.. Maesie.. your idea was beautiful, made my eyes a lil moist..
  13. :28: Daz that is fantastic.. I just called my daughters over (Miss 11 and 12.5) over and read it out to them.. They are at an age where they are starting to loose the whole Christmas magic thing no matter WHAT i try but HAHAAAA you should have SEEN their faces when i read that all out.. it was truly priceless and i have orders to keep checking back for updates and the youngest is now watching the clock Thank you for adding a lil more excitement :laughter:
  14. hahaha gosh thats pretty cute look at all the wee red faces :laughter: .. Can you give budgies TIN Beetroot?
  15. We only get into care those little sugar gliders on a rare occasion.. they don't seen very keen on them hahaaa.. We do feed them to little micro bats though
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