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  1. This app looks quite cool Good find I say!
  2. Welcome to you and your budgies!
  3. Welcome John! We hope you enjoy what our site has to offer Regarding photos, please resize them to 640 by 480 pixels or thereabouts so they are not too large.
  4. I will also add my congratulations to you both!
  5. A new look will be coming in the not too distant future. Unfortunately creating a new site theme does take quite some time. Yes, the New Posts function has had a name change and a feature update and is now known as “View New Content” which can be found in the top right hand corner on every page. I can't say I have noticed any change in speed over four computers which I have tested the site with. Are you running the latest version of your web browser? I will keep testing to see if I find any speed differences. If members could please report observations (like so far) to us then we can
  6. Our site is now iPhone friendly! Try it out today! Visit forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au on your iPhone.

  7. I'm sure the iPhone compatibility will be a hit with many members. It's good to see that so far the changes are liked In the last ten minutes we have enabled ability to "like" site content with facebook. You can find this feature at the end of topics just above the "Share this topic" section. I will have a look into this James. I also have to sort out our emoticons as some of them are not working correctly.
  8. Thanks for getting our beloved site back up and running :)

  9. Feel free to discuss anything regarding the new look site in this thread. Please read the announcement regarding the changes found here.
  10. You may have noticed the site looks very different to how you remember it– it is! We have upgraded the site in order to fix some issues that were causing problems including the issue which resulted in the recent downtime as well as aiming to provide members with new and exciting features. The management team understands some members were concerned their account was suspended as suggested by the message displayed when attempting to access the site over the last few days. I can assure you this is not the case; it was a server issue which has now been resolved. With the upgrade comes a fres
  11. I have just added a rank for members: 7000 posts makes you 100% Budgie-a-holic! Members can change their "member title" when they reach 2000 total posts from "My Controls".
  12. This topic has been created for members to reply to the announcement of Recent Site Maintenance.