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  1. Competitions

    We have puzzle, games and competitions. Jump in and have fun.

  2. Off Topic Chatter

    In here is where all the Off Topic Chatter goes - this section is for topics not specific to budgerigars.

    Notice: Feel free to post about your other pets in here as well as share photos, as we love to hear about all the animals in your care! However be aware that we may not be able to assist with health and maintenance questions for your other pets.

  3. Budgie Owners

    Have you ever wanted to find out who you are talking to in posts on this board?
    You may post a picture of yourself ONLY if you feel comfortable about doing so.

  4. Advertise A Website

    Want to tell people about your website or another website you found?
    Post in here.

    Note: Budgie websites are to be posted in the "Budgerigar Websites" sub-forum.

    Due to change in site policy, sites/forums that are competing with this site are NOT to be advertised due to problems in the past from doing so. All topics and replies are moderated by staff, who first preview posts in this forum and its sub-forum.

  5. RESCUE - Information, stories, contacts and links

    Share your stories and ask your questions here on matters relating to rescue.
    We especially want to hear about the little guys, the budgies, who are so often overlooked in the field of rescue.
    (However, questions, stories and concerns about ALL bird species will be welcome in this particular forum.)

  6. Jokes

    Here is a place that we can put up the funnier side of life.

    NOTICE: Please ensure posted jokes are fit to print for all ages. Jokes deemed inappropriate will be removed.

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