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  3. ((Sorry if this is in the wrong place!)) Reacently my female budgie laid and hatched an egg. This is the first fertile egg she has laid. All has been good, she has been feeding, but I'm in week 2/3 now and the baby is no longer in the nesting box (nesting box is on the floor, I'm keeping the floor clean) I have taken the nesting box out now to stop them from breeding again. Though I have noticed the mother is attacking the baby, I have been doing lots of research and can't really find an answer. I'm thinking about moving the baby into it's own cage and hand feedidng it until it can eat on it's own. It cannot fly yet, so I'm not sure if it will be okay sleeping on the floor of the cage until it can. I have also ordered some hand feeding formula which is to arrive in about a week, which is too slow. I read human baby food is a good substitute until I get the normal formula. I am unsure of the correct approach to this, I am fully aware of the time I will have to dedicate to feeding the baby. I haven't seen the father help out so this is why I want to seperate them. The parents are not tamed and I try not to intervine, but I don't want the baby to not be fed and die. Any help would be appreicated :)
  4. Hello! I would like to start this by saying we have successfully bred and raised two chciks, one in wild blue and one in lemon yellow/ blue Patchwork. I dont know their official names xD Once they were strong enough to stand I started handling the chicks, with clean hands, for short periods. We opted out of hand raising as we all work, despite covid, and didnt have the time to ensure the chicks were fed often enough. Our hen and cock have done great for their first Clutch and at four weeks old the chicks are strong and chatty and getting ready to explore outside the nest box. The problem I have come across is the younger chick, the yellow one, is incredibly tame. Grooms my nose and chin and sits on my shoulder, loves very gentle pets. The older chick however, hides. All the time. Seeks out somewhere enclosed and dark and I can't seem to tame it. I have kept trying, and have been advised to try feeding the chick soft fruit. However it won't even consider eating from my hand. Should I continue trying the food? Or wait until they are wesned and try millet? I am keeping the younger chick and wish to keep the older one, as long as the sexes are the same, but if not the older one will be going to a family friend with a young boy so we are hoping to tame him for the boy.
  5. Hi, I am a first time budgie owner and learning every day. I would like to introduce you all to Charlie. He was sold as a boy but I am still unsure. He is approximately 3 months old and a very cheeky loveable little rogue.
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  7. Hi all, my budgie layed an egg yesterday. It was teh first 1 that she has ever layed. My cage is outside and the box has nothing in it just the wooden floor. Last night she sat on it for most of the night. However this morning she didnt sit on it as much as last night. This morning I took it out of the box and it was cold. I got a torch and shone it on the egg in a dark place. Near the top of the egg it was yellow. Is this egg fertile or not??
  8. Hi all my budgie layed an egg yesterday. She sat on it most of the night last night. This morning she didnt sit on it very regulary. When the hen was not in the box I took the egg out. It felt very cold. I shined a torch on it andwas yellow up top of egg. However it looked like the egg on the left in the pictures above. Is this egg fertile or not?
  9. I recently got a budgie a couple months ago, shes a young albino, recently I've noticed that shes been bobbing her tail alot, shes also been doing numerous things as well, like ruffling her feathers, hunching over/crouching on her perch, she also is eating less and less, and wont touch her water bowl, and refuses to drink, today I notice her opening her beak wide multiple times, is she sick? Can it be fixed at home?
  10. Hi guys bit of a silly topic bit really need some advice I bought a budgie about a month and a half ago he's name is merlin he was 10 weeks old when I bought him and to start with everything was great he was getting on great he would eat seed off my hand let me put my hand anywhere in he's cage literally stand on my palm to eat I have been working a lot recently and haven't been able to spend so much time with him and and now whenever I put my finger near he's cage he trys to bite me he will still eat lettuce through the cage but that's it what can I do and what have I done wrong I love the little guy just want to know what to do ?? Any help would be massively appreciated VID_20200519_200833.mp4
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and in need of urgent advice. Basically, I have a clearly very sick budgie that I am unable to take to the vet, the reason being that there are no vets that look at birds in my city. Either that, or I am unable to find one (I live in Cairo, Egypt by the way). I have attached a photo of what my budgie looks like right now. He's been unable to stand properly for a few hours, and be lost his balance and fell to the bottom of the cage a few hours ago, which is when I understood that something was very wrong. I knew he was sick previously, however he seemed to be recovering after being given antibiotics (which I got from a different country). Anyway, I am currently watching him very closely and keeping him in the place where he is really comfortable (the hood of my hoodie) and offering him food and water. He didnt drink much water but he ate lots of millet, which made me feel a bit better. He keeps going in and out of a lying down position, sometimes trying to get up and moving his head around. He also can still fly, as he did several time around the room. He cannot stand though, and he loses his balance. One foot seems to be injured (or paralyzed?). His feathers look normal however his dropping have been wet and had rings of green surrounding them on the cage lining. He hasn't been pooping consistently, only about 3 times in the last 3 hours. He has basically been lying down on me for the last 3 hours, occasionally eating and flying away 3 times. So yeah, his wings seem to be fine. His breathing seems to be fine but previously, about a week and a half ago, his tail was bobbing a lot as he breathed. That's about all the information I can provide. I need urgent advice as to how I can help him (taking him to the vet not being possible unless someone knows an avian vetererarian in Egypt in the Cairo area). Please reply if you are able to. Thank you. If anything changes, I will reply to this post.
  12. So far I've managed to find only one that met the requirements, if anyone knows any other cages for 2 it would be much appreciated. Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage Is the one I found.
  13. I have 2 budgies and have the same problem. I tried separating them for a day but our other cage is too small so didn’t think it acceptable so haven’t done it since. Don’t think they will tame though unless they are separated.
  14. Pat

    New To Bbc

    Hi, I have 2 budgies which we’ve had since January. I have been trying to tame them for around 3 months now but they are still very scared and fly away from me. They are very sweet and seem to really love one another. I have tried to tempt them with millet and they will take it after a while but as soon as I try to touch them they just get scared and run away. any suggestions?
  15. More veg and definitely pellets. My birds are on Harrisons very good brand can't go wrong.
  16. Hi I purchased a budgie from a breeder and noticed after his crop seemed large its really worried me just hope someone on here can advise me on what to do. Really am concerned. Mitch.
  17. I have two budgies that are bonded to each other and refusing to tame so I am going to take one and put him in a separate cage and move him into a different room. And I am wondering if this is bad for them?
  18. I have two male budgies, one a year old and the other slightly younger. They are Mischa and Baby. Baby is the youngest and is a rainbow budgie. I let them out for about an hour a day and they fly around while I clean their cage. Often times they will return to the cage by themselves. Today I put Mischa in first and closed the top door of the cage so he would not decide to fly out, but I did not lock it. Baby decided to show off and would not let me bring him back. So I left him alone and when I turned around, Baby had flown to the closed top door of the cage and actually pulled it open with his beak and hopped right in !! So now his new name is Baby Einstein!
  19. Sadly, their wings don't health. 😣 My udgie has had a broken wing for already a year and he still can't fly.😭 I put a nesting box into his cage as well because we have a female budgie and it was in for already two months and they still haven't bred!😭😭
  20. Really hard for me to tell. I've been going with girl because they are much more common in albino but sometimes the hints of blue in the cere make me wonder. Any guesses? She is full albino camera doesn't catch her red eyes all that well. About 4 months old
  21. Hi everyone Can you identify this bird. Is it melanistic spangle recessive pied hagoromo? Or just spangle recessive pied hagoromo? I couldn't find any identifying features. I am sharing a video. The baby in my hand is the one I need to get identified. The spangle pair are the parents. Other two the blue opaline female and fallow birds are foster siblings Thanks May_17.mp4
  22. I have budgies and I learned now that cage should be at eye level of walking person. But what about sitting person? Budgies cage is on my desk. The desk table is two meters long and about one meter deep. The cage currently is 80cm x 40cm x 40cm and is aligned along the desk length, sitting at the right back corner. My eyes are at the same level as the top of the cage. When I stand up, my eyes level is significantly higher. Would you suggest to move it up, leaving some desk space below the cage where I can do my homework while the cage is on four long legs, or to get a cage that is two times higher and it still uses this desk space? i.e. Current position: My desk space with a monitor that is about 50cm high. || Bird cage (about 80cm high). Concerns: - bird cage possibly too small, - my desk space possibly too small, - unused space at the top. Version 1 of new position: My desk space with a monitor that is about 50cm high. || Bird cage (about 160cm high). In this case + birds can choose to be at eye level of either sitting or standing human. + The birds cage is doubled in height, but - still short. Version 2 of new position: Level 2: Nothing || Bird cage (about 80cm high) is elevated 80cm above desk level, there is possibly space for another person to work. Level 1: My doubled desk space. ? In this case the birds are a bit above eye level at all times when I sit, but at eye level of walking people. (Good or bad?) + I get my desk space increased twofold. Version 3 of new position: level 2: Bird cage (>120cm long, >120cm high, 40cm deep - elevated above doubled desk space - on four long legs. level 1: My doubled desk space. In this case ? Birds are a bit above eye level at all times when I sit, but at eye level of walking people. (Good or bad?) + I get my desk space increased twofold. + The cage is also significantly larger and longer. + Space above is used more effectively. ... I have a screen at my desk, but I don't play music or videos on it. The TV is in another area in the house. Is it important for birds to be at eye level of sitting people or walking people or both? Do they need a longer or higher cage? What is more important? They might start to breed soon. Please help and give me advice about this. How did this work out for you? Thank you.
  23. Any animal in pain without recourse of healing needs the final sleep. The “good death” as opposed to a horrible one. Including humans. And certainly for myself. In America we have the DNR. Do Not Resuscitate; decided by us and signed by our doctor and our witnesses. Some humans have a lot of trouble making that decision. I did not. I wish to be as peaceful and relaxed as possible should i be taken off of life support. I would want no less for my dear animals. We have hospice to care for terminally ill humans. We could organize that for exceptionally emotional pet owners; to support each other in preparing for loss. Do not be afraid of death, for as wisdom tells us, it has been our patient friend all along. Make sure to take comfort in it, for it is promised to all.
  24. In the western USA, in Oregon, Portland region, there are precious few Avian Vets. Having moved to 6 miles south of Lake Oswego area; a fancy Portland suburb where there is a bird vet, I decided to drive to the avian veterinarian’s office to meet the doctor, be aware of travel time and say hello. I wanted to know the face of the doctor who might meet my four budgies. I found the office a frantic place, due to a number of emergency visits; bird owners sitting nervously in the waiting area. I still have yet to meet the doctor, of course, with the pandemic, it’s not likely to be soon. However, i was told that a “well-bird” checkup would cost $84 dollars a budgie, with possible $150 per bird if any test was needed. Budgies in the Portland Oregon region retail for $25 each. DNA gender tests can range from $45 to $60 in young budgies. I found out that in some pieds and other mutations, cere color and detail can sometimes not be a trusted indicator of gender. There needs to be a safe way for serious bird keepers to learn how to 🧬 DNA test our own birds correctly. $150 a budgie for a simple test is too steep for my budget. We must find a better way.
  25. I find my four budgies to eat or at least pick at droppings if they do not get millet spray within 30 minutes of searching for it. Im trying to get them onto Harrisons excellent budgie Fine Pellets. They are not going easily to that !😢
  26. Brad101

    First Time

    First time. Lots of questions. First when can you hold new budgies.? Want them very friendly. When should I seperate them from parents?
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