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  2. My budgie sneezes like u have no idea.... he's acting normal but so much snot or something shoots out his nose..... is that okay there is no colour it's just wet and gross šŸ¤¢
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  4. Can anyone help. I have a new out of the box chick in a aviary with 12 other birds and 1 keeps picking on it . Any suggestions please
  5. I'm looking for some advice about how to deal with some behaviour. I have two 9 week old budgies who I hand reared from three weeks of age. At the moment they are chewing EVERYTHING so I assume it's a normal behaviour. My problem is they are also chewing me which is now starting to hurt badly enough that I can't ignore it. This is not a fear based thing as they are happy being handled (and one who is older and spent a week with me without a sibling and is quite affectionate). It's mostly happening while they are playing/free flying about the room. I am also trying to give them as much positive attention as I can when they are not chewing on me but it's gotten to the point that we are having more negative interactions that positive (as I have to shoo them away). Really hoping for some advice because I love these guys but I have work to do, and can't keep spending half my day shooing them away because they are hurting me!
  6. Hi We had a clutch of 5 eggs, two hatched, one cracked (don't ask) and two still aren't hatched after a week or two. Should the unhatched eggs be left to hatch, will they hatch later? Ta
  7. i just want to learn some champion techniques of paring and taking breed form budgrigars which works best without wasting time and results 100 percent breeding results
  8. Any breeding expectation charts for whitecaps
  9. 17 rooms for birds would be nice šŸ˜„ I almost finished my house renovation, though. There were drafts so I had to install new UPVC windows - anyone has those?
  10. Hi All, I bought my a male budgie from a pet store and he appears to have a feather problem, behind his neck and on the vent "butt" where there is no feather "bold" and the feather on his body looks very thin i can feel the meat/bones when i touch his head or belly and the weird thing that his size looks very small and short tail and the bars on his head still there but his eye has a clear grey iris, something like it's old but still small in size, so i'm not sure can you please help me?
  11. Hello there, My male show budgie rapidly opens and closes his mouth quite frequently. There is no associated clicking, grinding or heavy breathing that I can detect. He eats and drinks normally and seems to pass regular and normal droppings. He lives with 3 other budgies and they all seem to get along. He gets a good amount of exercise and out of cage time. Should I be concerned?
  12. I have a budgie who was diagnosed with testicular cancer about 18 months ago. He has been having a hormone implant to shrink rather tumor every 6 months appr. His cere eventually turns bright blue again,when it starts to go brown again we go back to the vet. Today i had another budgie xrayed and vet found a mass that looks lounge it could be cancer as well. They gave him the hormone injection this time and will see how he is in 2 weeks and assess him again. It is very common in budgies apparently. I'm very sorry for the loss of your baby it would have been such a heartbreaking decision to make but you did the right thing not letting him suffer anymore. No doubt i will have to make this rescission one day which I'm dreading.
  13. Hi guys! My budgie cooper is 8 months old and over the past two weeks we've noticed that his cere has got this dry flaky skin on it. Does this look abnormal? He was on a seed only diet but we are currently transitioning to pellets. His behaviour has been completely normal and he hasn't been scratching his beak, but has been scratching his head on the bars of his cage as he's at the end of a moult. If you guys need any more info please let me know!
  14. Plz show the picture of red eye grey green male and also tell me procedure of creating this kind of male
  15. Been a while since I have owned budgies (6 years). Managed to obtain myself 25 birds for $100. I'm very rusty when it comes to colours and mutations etc.. so figured I would ask the experts.
  16. Do I need to separate baby budgies from other budgie in cage when they leave the nest
  17. I had my parakeets for over a year now, and i feel like they still have not warmed up to me yet, i dont want to give up on them but feel like i am. what should i do
  18. My male budgie escaped and left hen with 3 bsbies 6 days old and 3 eggs. She is a first time mum..can she raise them alone thanks
  19. I have a big Avery for parakeets, but the last two hatchings I have had, I had two babies from different hatchings that can't fly. I have been raising babies for years and have never had this happen. Is there anything I an do to help them fly?
  20. Iā€™m looking to buy a couple lacewing English budgies, anyone have some for sale?
  21. Hi all, I had 2 budgies both bought as 6 weeks old babys about 5 years ago and unfortunately one passed away about 2 weeks ago. so i went and picked up 2 new baby budgies with my kids last weekend i messed up and didnt follow quarantine procedure at all. yet to late for that now. i have only just noticed today one of the new birds seems to have an issue with her feet. It may have been there the entire time ive had them i just hadnt noticed. she uses them fine. doesnt seem to affect her at all. yet one foot is missing a claw all together and the other has one that appears injured or stumped. and also has a similar build up on the back of its leg. ive looked up images of bumble feet and it doesn't seem the same and apart from the areas in the photos the rest of the feet look normal from what i can see. does anyone have ideas as to what it could be. if its serious and what to do? regards
  22. The only time I have ever heard a success story with Lovebirds and budgies is when both were separated from their parents and hand raised together. Everything else has been horror stories of love bird mutilating budgies.
  23. I have the exact same issue with Myna birds and had put out a rubber snake to scare them away, which worked for about 2 days. One day while I was rotating my rubber snakes there was a massive wedge tailed eagle perching in a tree watching the birds. I had a heart attack as I have a small dog outside who does a good job at scaring away the birds who attack but I knew this bird could kill her easily. When it saw me it freaked out, swopped down and took my rubber snake!!!! I don't put them out anymore because I don't want him to come out incase. Pretty amazing though! I have lined my aviary with breathable fly netting which you can get for a pretty good price at bunnings; It is made of tiny wires so it takes a while for a Myner bird to peck it's way through and by the time it tries to do that my lovely dog would have scared it away. I totally recommend doing this as one of my budgies was grabbed and died after a heart attack :( since doing this I haven't had any issues like that with the birds, except for when they pretend to swoop which gives them a little scare, once again nothing serious and they eventually get used to. Hope this was helpful :)
  24. What a Cutie! The red eyes and the colour of the yellow makes me believe she's a lutino with cinnamon wings. Some people will pay extra for lutinos as they like the colouring, but that's just the same for a lot of colour variations.
  25. Ah! If he has red eyes, then it means that he's albino! I've never seen one in real life!
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