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  2. Hi I just got 2 male budgies approx 1 1/2 years old and have always been together. I really wanted to have babies and many years ago I used to breed budgies and lovebirds but I had a huge avairy so they paired off together and did their thing but now just have large breeding cage but don't know if I should get 1 female or 2 to put in with them or ???? Would love some input!
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  5. My budgie is pooping white today .... What does that means .... Is he sick ... I am so much worried about him .. he only eat seeds .... I am giving him ors water also .....
  6. Hi, this probably doesn't help much, but i have just had the scaly mite problem on one of mine and the only thing that seemed to work was Vetafarm's Avimec... I was originally looking for an At Home fix, but i gave up when it got too bad The Avimec has worked really well so far though G
  7. I can't take any photos right now, but.. I'm 14, and live with my parents. I refilled a large, half- foot high, less- than- a- foot wide container, and my blue budgie managed to eat it within 2 days, with little help from my yellow budgie. My blue budgie seems fat, because you can't see his keel- and can't run well, but my mother says otherwise. She always spoils our pets. Every pet we get ourselves and want to take care of ourselves, she always spoils them much more. When I told her that he was fat, she ignored that and yelled at me for "not refilling the food". Usually I refill it within 3-4 days (and I was planning on refilling it with a mix of pellets later), but she ignored my claims of protest telling her about what happened. I told her that he was fat, and her response was "don't be ridiculous". She refilled the entire thing with seeds only and let them eat almost all of the seeds. I don't know what to do, because I know that he's fat and my yellow budgie will starve if he and my mother continue this. Any help?
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    Hi everyone, I am new to the budgie breeding forum. I have seven Budgies all together. five males and two females. My sky blue opaline and sky blue pied have a clutch of eggs,seven altogether.I'm anxiously awaiting the first arrival. I was wondering what the color of this budgie would be called he looks like a purplish Gray. A violet mutation? Here's a few pictures of most of them.
  9. Hi there! I have had budgies in my outdoor aviary for a few years, and they have always been happy healthy birds! They are still happy, healthy birds, but I've recently had an issue with some rodents! The aviary is a converted cubby house, and two of the walls are made of wood. Rats have chewed through this wood, and enjoy snacking on my birds seed. I'm going to have my Nonno put some metal along the bottom (or perhaps replace the wood entirely), but in the time being, I am stuck with rats eating the seed. Is there any tips on how to get rid of these rats? I'm worried about putting bait under the floor (as it's converted there's maybe 10 cm between the ground and the bottom of the aviary) as if the rats eat it and then go into the aviary they could contaminate the seed. There are also a lot of stray cats in my neighbourhood and hate to think that they have slow, painful deaths from eating those rats too. I've also read about having a resident guinea pig? Appreciate any suggestions!
  10. my budgie Skye is bleeding from her nose and its freaking me out bigtime im wondering if i should call an avian
  11. I just heard the same thing happen to my friends bird. Its amazing that it can grow back but takes time. Would have never thought it could happen but it does. Weird
  12. Hi, Im kind of new to owning budgies, Ive only had them about 3-4 months, and I've noticed that one of them has started showing signs of scaly mites (I only know this because i searched it). It seems like most of the treatment options are for tame birds that you can hold, but my bird is defiantly not that 😐 . So i guess I'm wondering if any one has any tips for me on how to get these mites off my bird? Any and all suggestions, tips or words of wisdom are welcome Thanks
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    Can you stop them brom breeding without separating them?
  14. Thanks everyone. I did get him a friend which has helped a lot. Still does not play but follows the other budgie about like a shadow which is better than being a statue. 😀
  15. I had ********* ones off a breeder, and body deformity really was the obvious they were all babies under 3 weeks, and all died.
  16. Get a net, costs less than ten dollars unless you are rural Australia and with the net you can try ebay or online stores, get the net and capture it, walking it inside your house. To train a bird they say it is good to feed it from your hand showing it that the hand is likeable for feeding them, but other than this, you really really will need to try hard to tame the budgie as it is not a baby anymore judging by your post.
  17. Your baby likely died due to freezing if left at the bottom of the cage. They need a nest box, warmth and the mother or father.
  18. I have a green female ,and a yellow male , and they gave me ,a yellow baby bird ,and a grey one , i didn't understand from where the grey one came from
  19. Hi they call me McGreen, and I am a male while my missus here Bianco, on the right is a female. The boys back of bourke in the masses with the large amounts that barracked me on (we all did it) while Bianco and I had it for ourselves, in a tree. All while away from homee as I am usually posted up in the big smoke (Sydney, Inner West). Well the truth of the bizzo is for my aussie true green and gold colouring that was given to me, wishes the best while I ask a few basic questions regarding Bianco and myselves romantic time we shared together which will likely involve green and gold babies in a few months if I knock her up good, let alone for the really first time, this time, we are about to leave the avery for the Budgie breeding cabinet with pull out nest 24" x 18" wire front. But Bianco really wants to know my following question, which I think I should have undercontrol already, just using this helpful forum for our natives, unlike my love for ring necks. 1. What to feed a breeding mother and father in terms of the best nourishment possible for babies.
  20. Thanks really appreciative of the help you offer my new babies in hopefully a few months. Regards, Bianco and McGreen
  21. Same thing happened with my budgie. She started having nightfrights every single night. She was incubating and was scared. For aa few nights everytime she screamed I used to switch on the light and pacify her. She turned out fine after a couple weeks. But if you want a quick solution I'd suggest what Skye Lily did
  22. Birds have personalities. It is just him being him. I've had budgies whom inspire of having several other birds around never really socialized with them or me. I'd suggest leave it be or get the bird a pair.
  23. Yes actually. It is advisable that you change back to your former brand Happened the same with my budgie, she even started sneezing after vomiting. I changed her diet to the former one and she was fine in a couple days.
  24. It is too early to decide. They might still inspect the nest box when they're not in breeding stage. But if you see some bonding, feeding, mutual preening, and if they feel safe enough, you'll soon be a grand pappy. It'll take about 2 months before you see the chicks if everything goes right. They get territorial and aggressive if they're about to lay eggs. Watch out for that.
  25. It isn't a big deal. They will be fine. One of your budgies is feeling possesive of you. Even bonded pairs do this at times. Just keep trying. Talk to them and if need be use both of your hands for feeding budgies. Keep Tofu distracted with the other hand so that Olive will get used to you
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