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  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm very concerned about my baby budgy. He is 7 weeks old (that's what the seller said) I brought him home and he can't perch. Upon inspection I found his left leg is a bit weird. Plz see the picture. Can someone kindly help me?? :S seems like splayed to me but I could be wrong. How do I fix it....
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  5. The male budgie died yesterday leaving his partner with 6 eggs (2 hatched till now) I'm afraid she follows him cuz she was dependent on him to feed her and the babies. I put soft food and water close to her but I noticed she eats little amount compared to the male. so can I put another male budgie to help her or he'd kill the chicks? idk what to do : ( Please help me what's the best thing to do here?
  6. Please give some advice will she cope on her own or suggest to put in another male? Im worried she looks tied. She has 8 eggs.
  7. Hi, Two days ago my Budgie started crying non stop and I do not know why, she eats and drinks fine and plays with her toys but still cry's? I have had her for two years and do not know much about her as I found her in my garden 3 years ago, I keep her in a large parrot cage so she can fly around okay. I have other birds, rescue cockatiel ( own cage ) two Red Rumps ( own cage ) to which laid eggs after 3 months of having them and hatched two, now a year old ( own cage ) all my other birds are fine. my Budgie however just wont stop crying and raising her shoulders, any ideas please?
  8. Hi Im new too breeding budgies, unfortunately whilst I was away my father looking after our birds didn't realise the father was dead inside the nest box. However, im worried about the mother as she is sitting on eight eggs and there were only 5 when we left. Will she cope or do I put another male in her cage to help her out? She has her own cage as we were having others going into her nest so I separated the couple into there own cage. But now the cock has died what do others suggest I do. Thanking you.
  9. I have heard that sometimes budgies can become a bit obsessed with bells sometimes so I have tried giving my budgie other toys. But he never shows any interest in toys unless it had a bell on it. I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem or has any ideas of any popular budgie toys that he may be interested in?
  10. I have a hen with four Chicks already and four fertile eggs still to hatch, So she'll have eight total chicks when she's done. So far she is feeding all four chicks as far as I can tell but will not let the male in the nest box at all. She's a very snippity bird and barely let him near her even to mate. So I don't anticipate her ever letting him in in the nest box to help her in any way with chick feeding. Do you think that she will be able to handle all of these chicks on her own or should I anticipate having to step in and help her with feedings?
  11. can peat moss be used in the boxes as i have a heap of that,it is called parrot nesting material and looks like a dark soil thanks
  12. This is the right answer inbreeding is used for a while then the cross breeding come to light and geens will became stronger in next generations and so on Iam an inbreeder of hagromo rainbow budgies and i used the inbreeding in some clutches and every thing looked well but i used inbreeding for only a specific time , then now i must use the cross breeding by intering new fresh blood to avoid any problem that could happen in the future clutches Thanks to all
  13. Hey what happened to your budgie? Did he recover? Please tell me
  14. Please tell me what happened to your budgie is he okay now?
  15. Last, night... tradegy struck. I was doing my laundry, and left my door open. I had Blu out for a training session, but my brother got him and was bothering him. I told my brother to get out, and again, he left the door open. He never pout Blu back in his cage and wel... the dog got in.... and we all know what happens next. I have no idea how to get over the loss of my best friend. The one thing I could come home and talk to. When I saw his feathers last night, my heart about exploded. I cried so much, my stomache hurt. I was screaming and freaking out and had no idea how to feel. Even now, I
  16. a collection Young Yellowface pieds & olive green (Bob) a Yellow Pied (Joan)
  17. Hello, I hope I have posted in the right forum. I am not much experiences in bird diseases.My name is Ray and I have a 3 and half year old female budgie name Bella who has French molt. She is in quite a good shape and can fly. She had a sister but sadly she passed away 2 months ago.I got a new baby boy (5 month old now) for her as a companion. I have had him for about 1 and half months now and he is in quarantine. And it just now occur to me that he could potentially get FM. I was in under a lot of stress with the loss of my bird and lost of my job due to Covid that I neglected this vital issu
  18. Hello,Somebody came a few hours ago to buy a few Budgies off me. When he was about to go they asked us saying “I have a baby budgie who always lays on its back, has one bigger wing and one smaller wing and doesn’t eat itself. Only the mum feeds it”. He said what can I do, is it going to die? I said I am not sure but I will see and contact you later and I have now asked for a picture of the baby. That is all the description I have so far of the baby. I have never heard or seen of this problem so I am not experienced in this but I am here to see if anybody knows of this. Thanks a lot. I
  19. hi, i am from Australia. Yeah, earlier I tried all type of bedding for my hens even I tried cotton sheets but you can try Straw and Hay. Sun-colored straw, with its sweet, earthy smell and springy texture is what many new hen keepers reach for to line their coop and nest boxes.
  20. My lutino hen and yellow head normal cock just had their first clutch of three. Baby #1 is 33 days old today, the reason why I haven’t named it yet is because I cannot determine the sex due to he/she being ALBINO! Unfortunately I am not too experienced with genetics, yet I was always told that both parents are green based and albinos are blue based. My question is, how did this happen? I’ve attached pictures of the parents and baby. Thanks in advance.
  21. hi good day all i am having an issue with a male baby budgie i bought from am pet store ... he was in good health but suddenly his left foot started turning purplish black and now its bleeding i have carried him to vet and ave gotten anti biotics and pain killers but im now seeing the dark colour spreading upwards onto his body i am cleaning the area with a mild epsom salt and water mix wanted to know if you guys who has more experience than me can offer any advice ..... its my first time keeping budgies and im a bit worried about him , i have removed him from the main cage and put him seperat
  22. I was looking to get a good page that would help with budgies mutations as ive just started back into them or even a good book on it so far I've a yellow face grey green male Norman grey female 2 creaminos male and female and 2 lutino budgies male and female
  23. Was looking to know when this creamino ever came about as i got two just last week and just started getting back into it again
  24. Hey everyone. This is one of our budgies. His a suspected easley clearbody. Havent ever heard of this breed but have read its very rare. Is he an easley clearbody or a TCB? If he is an Easley should I show him eventually or his offspring? No experience with showing at all to add. But something I want to get into eventually.
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