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  2. Yoshi was a forlorn cobalt blue parakeet who was selected from among a number of well groomed green parakeets who seemed to dislike him. He looked like he had fought with the others; his feathers were ruffled. It seemed to have been ostracized and picked on by the others. I watched the other's picking on him. I dropped by that pet store with the hopes of finding a male bird to mate with two females I had at that time. Feeling sorry for Yoshi, I bought him although he wasn't exactly what I was after. We were looking to replace a beautiful sky blue and white cock with an impressive posture and a distinguished flair in it's feathers which gave him a strong and commanding look which had just died. As beautiful as that bird was, it had failed to demonstrate any interest in my hens. To make a long story short, it turned out that Yoshi became very interested in one of my Hens and we soon had quite a number of single Yellowface birds. Yoshi was the most industrious bird, always very attentive to the needs of his hen as she tended to their eggs. Judging by the distribution of his progeny my best theory now is he may have had a double Yellowface mutation; about half of his offspring were yellow faces although neither he or his Hen had a yellow face. I still have one of Yoshi's Yellowface offspring – a cock. At this point I would like to breed that cock with another cobalt blue yellowface. My main reason for joining this club is to find a breeding age cobalt blue yellowface Hen to continue Yoshi's legacy. Any information that could lead to acquiring such a specimen would be most appreciated. Thank you very much.
  3. If my budgies are regurgitating good to each other and preening each other does this mean they’re interested in each other and may breed?
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  5. 444 I have 2 budgies , I believed male and female ,George and Gracie and have had them since Sept 2019. Over the last month or so , George has been pulling at Gracie's feathers, biting at her, and chases her biting and grabbing whether she eats, plays, or just sits. I seperated them for about the 3rd time since this started. Usually i keep them apart a day or 2 then its fine for awhile. Then the attacks started again. No blood. She plays some now without him but still sits where they can see ea other. What now?4 4
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  7. I have 3 budgies 1 female and 2 males and they r 4 yrs ol and they have been lovin cheese bits since they wer young and it has not harm them in n e way and they never have the runs ..i give then we tiny bits ..crumbs b in fact 1 or 2 times a wek and they absolute love there cheese
  8. Hi So I recently got a pair of budgies (siblings, one male and one female, the male being 4 days older than the female). Right now they are about 3 months old, I picked them up from a breeder about 1.5 months ago (meaning I’ve had them myself for 1.5 months). At first everything was fine they were in the same cage when they were with the breeder so I didn’t feel the need to put them in separate cages when I took them home, meaning I just put them in the same one. Everything worked great for the first maybe 3 weeks, they got along very well and became used to my hand pretty fast. But by the fourth week I’ve had them (so they would be about 2 months) they became somewhat aggressive, they would start fighting over food, perches, toys and so on. It would actually be my male starting a majority of the fight being somewhat food aggressive and wanting to play alone (this however doesn’t mean my female didn’t start a few) these fight would happen maybe 5-10 times a day and would only last for a couple of seconds. My female would go close to the food bowl, my male would open his beak showing “I’ll bite you if you come close”, attempt to bite her if she came close or just continue eating if the flew away. Now I assumed this would happen at one point or another so I got a second food station and put in more similar toys to make sure they didn’t need to fight over one specific toy or food. But they continued to fight, they had recognized that there was another food station and more toys yet they continued to fight over the same ones (I’d seen them eat from the new bowl and play with the new toys). I tried to make sure the new toys and food station was placed where they would feel safe to eat and play. But they still wanted to eat together so I just let it be for a while thinking “well if it gets too bad they at least know they can eat / play somewhere else”. As of right now my female has become more aggressive (which is more common if I’m correct, since they’re more territorial aso). She’s often the one starting fight, protecting the food bowl, claiming all the toys as her and dragging him of perches. The fights have become more common happening well over 20 times a day and as of right now and I’m honestly just unsure of what to do. Since they are 3 months right now they should be more hormonal (which can cause more aggression if I understood everything correct) and since it’s mating season for budgies where I live I guess it’s even more hormones and I’m unsure if this is all just a bunch for hormones or something more serious. As of right now I personally want to get a second cage and separate them but my mom keeps insisting “that it’s all fine, it’s just hormones” and yeah to a certain degree. I’ve started to notice my male trying to mate with the female and I’m okay if she tries to bite him if he gets to close to her because of it. But when she out of nowhere just drags him of a perch well I’m not so fine with it anymore. Just this morning they were inside their cage and I stood just outside talking to them a bit with the male standing the closest to me and my female standing maybe like 5 cm behind him. I talked to them both trying to give them the same amount of attention when my female just lunged, jumps on him, bites his neck and drags him down to the floor. I back away from the cage thinking “Why, I was giving you both attention, he wasn’t trying to mate with you, he was focused on me, why did you feel the need to do this?” and I honestly don’t know. I asked my mom about this and she laughed it off saying “oh well it’s hormonal, it’s normal, look they like each other”. Now they do sometimes play together, eat together and preen together (as mentioned earlier) but it’s less common while the fights are beginning to become more common. Now the second major problem I have with this is training, they are both somewhat tame, they’ll sometimes step up on my finger if I don’t have any food but will always do it if I have some. Training worked great in the beginning as I would make one of them step up while the other one watched and then take the one that watched and make him / her step up, then put them both on the perch and repeat. Now I mixed between taking the male or female first making sure that they went first the same amount of times. But when they became more aggressive the one I picked up first would always try to drag the other one of my hand. As of right now I’m scared of picking up either one of them since I’m afraid the other one might get jealous, jump up, drag the other one off making them associate my hand with fights of danger and rewarding the aggressive one with millet (since I train them with millet). Now I always try to remove the millet if one of them is aggressive (not rewarding that behavior) but then I don’t reward them for stepping up on my hand making them not learn anything or understand what I want them to do. Now my question is if I should train them separately, put one in the cage and train the other one, and then take the one in the cage out, train that one while the other one is waiting in the cage? I’m honestly unsure if this would work or just make them jealous because I’m giving the other one attention. I thought about just putting a cloth over the cage so they can’t see the other one while they’re training but I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what to do about anything, I’ve come to the point where I can’t focus on anything because I’m so worried about them. My mom is kind of done with this whole situation threatening that she’ll “sell the budgies if they keep distracting me as much as they do at the moment” and I’m honestly desperate.
  9. I adopted two adult parakeets and two babies I woke one morning one babies was dead😔 two weeks later I found one male one female in breeding box dead and one dead in regular cage I don’t know what’s going on my first time with birds
  10. I’m trying to learn fast! I recently bought a house that came with 40+ budgies! I keep large parrots and have limited with these tiny twitterers. I have LOTS of questions so hopefully I don’t send you crazy. I live in Collector NSW.
  11. Hi there, I have got budgies that I am wanting to breed. I currently have 2 female in a cage with 4 males 1 of which have paired up and then other cage with 1 female and 1 male which I am trying to bond. I have breeding boxes in the cage but they dont seem too breed. Does anyone have any tips? Thankyou
  12. Is this a greywing, clearwing or full body color greywing? Thank you :)
  13. So my dad found a female budgie outside when he was at work. She was really friendly but was so dirty. She has 2 broken nails and smells like a flavoured oily parfume that does not come off. She is acting like sparrow, kinda tweetinf like them and flies really harsh, does really fast turns, flies really fast, always sits on our heads and is 100% accurate when trying to land, also her voice sounds like she is sick but ahe ate tons of food and drank tons of water. My guess is that she had been at outside for a while so she had to adapt. We already have a male budgie and he is really interested in her but she might have parasytes or be sick so it worries me. My dad will definetely wont listen to me and tell that there is no veteranians here and will even yell at me sayinf that what am i? An expert now? So i wanted ro ask help from forums and im here, we are tryinf to find her owner and also want to keep her healthy. How am i going to clean her, she starts trembling when i wet her so it scares me and she does not want to bathe when we put a bowl or somethinf like that. Also forgot to mention that it had been snowy outside for like 3 days before we found her.
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  15. I have a little night light for mine. I was reading these posts too as I just joined the forum and realised they are from 2010. A while ago now [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. I purchase this cage to keep 2-3 pastal Budgies, is it alright, or will a metal cage be better. I can always get another cage if it's not right.
  17. hey everybody! does anybody know what time is best for breeding budgies in Australia?
  18. I put blue light for night in my aviary
  19. Hello all, I have had my two Club/English budgies for 3 weeks now. They’re very interested in each other, regurgitating food to each other and preening each other. They’re located in a larger aviary with no other birds. I have been putting millet next to the hole of the breeding box which has made the budgies come close to the box, but they haven’t gone in the box yet. Both budgies Ceres are the right colour for breeding. Does anyone have any other tips that I can use to get the budgies to go into the box ? Does anyone know when budgie breeding season is in Australia ? Thanks 👍🏼
  20. Hi friends! Im sam from India.. My budgies are loosing there tail and flying feather,no lose of feather all over the body but tail and wings..how can i treat that? Someone please help me out..
  21. Hey guys i was wondering if you could tell me my bird's Sex too
  22. All my Budgies, Cockatiels, Conures, Gouldian Finches, Topknot Doves, Pigeons, Moustache Parrot, Princess Parrot, Bleeding Heart Dove, Jap Quail, King Quail, Masked Parrots, Peachface etc. all survive on Trill Budgerigar 10 kg mix. It contains shell grit as well. The indoor budgies get the same mix. I supplement this with pears, (they love them) and oranges sliced in half. Some are as old as 10 years and still doing fine. In regards to sunflower, use only striped sunflower, not the black. The black has too high a fat content and can prove fatal with excessive use.
  23. Hi, my name is Achraf and this is my friend Ruby. I've had it for a while now and i'm pretty positive it's over a year old (the bird's assumed age). Anyways i was wondering if it's a Male or a Female budgie since i'm interested in breeding it and have cute babies. Please let me know if you need more pictures or informations about it.
  24. Male. Nice bird, By The Way
  25. Hello! I have a 10 year old male parakeet that is showing signs of illness. He is eating and drinking more than normal and he appears to have a mass/growth on his belly as the feathers near his vent are starting to part considerably. He is also showing mild signs of breathing heavy, not in the tail bobbing way though. I was told on another forum, acutally a FB group, that his poop wasn't normal, he has a natural pellet only diet. So I was told to give him Braggs ACV for five days with a 1mL to 100mL ratio (he's on his third day). Based on the research I've done, I have come to the conclusion that he either has a tumor or a liver disorder (hoping its the latter and I bought Lily of the Desert Aloe Detox 80, arriving Friday). I live in a very rural area and have no access to an avain vet so trying to work this out on my own with natural remedies. I've also been administrating small quantities of milk thistle and dandelion root sprinkled on his food. Can anyone please confirm my suspicions and any tips (short of taking him to a vet which I am unable) would be greatly appreciated. He's still somewhat vocal and playing a bit but you can tell whatever is wrong with him is affecting his mood and usual spunky personality. Thanks so much!
  26. why would a mother budgie kill a healthy baby which was only weeks from leaving the nest
  27. hi everyone, I have had my baby for three years now. I’m unsure if it’s a boy or girl. The cere has stayed the same colour since it was young. No one seems to be sure if it’s a boy or gir. Please help
  28. Hi both of my new Budgies seem to be itchy and Lemon's beaks seems very crusty and doesn't look okay, could these be mites? Am planning on thoroughly cleaning their cage and toys as soon as they feel more settled 😊
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