Budgie First Aide Kit

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07-May-2007 03:31

Everyone should always have a first aide kit available and ready to use incase of emergency this is what is recommended that you should always have on hand.


ü      Cotton bud sticks for wound cleaning and application of ointments and scalyface products

ü      Corn flower or styptic pencil – to clot blood (you can get a styptic pencil at your local pharmacy)

ü      Egg whiteusing egg white is a good way to 'splint' a leg, just brush it on and let it get hard. Easy to remove as well just add water.

ü      Iodine - bird safe for sterilizing

ü      Cotton Wool Balls/pads to absorb body fluids and apply to wounds

ü      General vitamin supplement (ACEhigh,  Avimix, Soluvet plus)

ü      Syringes and crop needles for emergency feeding and medicine dosage

ü      Avian Insect Liquidator  - Or other mite and feather lice treatment

ü      Hand raising formula (for birds too sick to eat on their own, until you can get them to a vet) Eg. Poly-Aid, Passwell Hand Rearing Food or Budgie Starter

ü      Bandages: to wrap splints to legs or hold broken wings down onto the body.

ü      Plastic drinking straws - Split lengthwise they can be additional support when splinting  a tiny budgie leg.

ü      Saline - for washing wounds out (and cleaning eyes, but only if it is 0.9% [also called normal saline] solution otherwise it is too strong)

ü      Tooth Picks cut off the point and use for splinting legs

ü      Icy Pole or Ice block sticks (toothpicks) – cut off sharp ends and to required size. Used for splinting wings etc

ü      Tea towel - for swaddling the budgie, this stops it thrashing around and hurting itself further (a bath towel would be too heavy for a budgie, but would be okay for other birds)

ü      Dish - for putting saline in.

ü      Scissors (Iris scissors are best) - cutting bandages etc.

ü      Sticky tape - for holding bandages together etc.

ü      Blunt nosed tweezers to pull out remains of broken blood feathers etc  (To safely pull out a broken blood feather support the wing or limb carefully, locate the broken and bleeding feather. Using the forceps, get a good grip around the base of that feather and pull it out in the direction of growth. Use flour for any bleeding. Once the feather is pulled, generally the bleeding stops and further damage is avoided.)

ü        Needle nosed tweezers

ü      STERIS-strips - these are like stitches but you stick them on to keep a wound closed

ü      Little cardboard box for putting the budgie in when carrying it to the vet.

ü      Eye dropper - for feeding or for applying saline to the eye etc.

ü      Honey a natural antiseptic

ü        Magnifying Glass – helps to see fine detail, mites, leg ring codes etc

ü      Liquid Calcium – for emergency treatment of rickets, and splay legs due to lack of calcium in parents and babies

ü        Baby Oil – for treatment of scaly face mites and scaly legs – apply carefully using cotton wool tip, avoiding nostrils

ü       Make Up Sponge – can be used for the treatment of splayed legs.

ü        Teabagsa natural way of cleaning eye irritations. Soak teabag in warm water and use for irritated eyes


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