Ring on Budgie Leg

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22-Mar-2011 06:50
The only way you can order rings is by joining an official budgerigar club. Finding a local bird club.

Registered club breeders place metal rings on their baby budgies (chicks) between 8 and 10 days old (while their toes are still pliable so the ring can slide on without causing the budgie pain). Budgies will not be accepted into shows and exhibitions without a ring. The rings (also knows as bands) allow the breeder to track the budgie or if the budgie escapes and a person finds it, it can be traced back to the breeder. It also shows the year the budgie was born with the last two digits of the year and the ring colour. It is recommended that you leave the ring on the budgie's leg. However, if problems arise for whatever reason, only allow a breeder or avian vet to remove the band with the appropriate tools.

There are two types in Australia. There is a club ring and a coded ring.

Coded rings are made specifically for a particular breeder. e.g: IBS XX -6 350. IBS is the state or club initials (in this case Ipswich Budgerigar Society; XX is the code or initials of the actual breeder; 06 (or -6) is the year the chick was hatched - 2006; and 350 is the number of the chick.

Club rings are used for or by a particular club. e.g: PR -5 394. PR would be the club code or initials (in this case Pine Rivers Budgerigar Club; -5 is the year the chick hatched - 2005; and 394 is the number of the chick.

Coded rings  PR 1W -8 021. PR is Pine Rivers Budgerigar Society, 1W is Darryl Wells, -8 is the year 2008 and 021 is the chick/bird number.

Each ring is registered with the state and the Australian National Budgerigar Council and it always remains with that bird (unless it has to be removed due to injury or illness).Note not all birds are ringed so if your bird does not have a ring it is OK.Contributed by BBC member: Daz from AU & Adam BBC owner

Australian Ring Colours.

Breeders rings in Australia have a 6 year cycle.

2001 - Green
2002 - Black
2003 - Red
2004 - Blue
2005 - Purple
2006 - Gold
2007 - Green
2008 - Black

2009 - Red

2010 - Blue

2011 - purple

2012 - gold 

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