Standard Requirement, for a Danish Pied

24-Sep-2008 12:04

Standard Requirement, for a Danish Pied (Recessive Pied), this is a recessive gene.

PhotobucketLight Green

PhotobucketCheek Patches

Photobucket Body Color

PhotobucketTail Color

The wings of the Danish Pied should have polka dots on white or yellow ground, random in pattern an distribution and covering approximately 10% to 20%.

The hens normally have more markings on the wings than the cocks.

There are no demand for spots, and odd dark feathers in primary wing flights are not faults.

Note if you pair a Danish Pied to a Dutch Pied (clearflight) you will get Dark-eyed Clear White or Dark-eyed Clear Yellow.

Information from PHT Budgerigars

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