Difference between an Albino/Lutino VS Dark Eyed Clear VS Double Factor Spangle?

01-Sep-2008 09:14

What is the difference between a Lutino/Ino and a Dark Eyed Clear (DEC) or a Double Factor Spangle?

These three birds can all be the same colour with the same amount of suffusion. The main difference is their eyes and the colour of the adult male's cere. There are other very subtle differences.

Lutinos (or albinos) have red eyes with an iris ring and the males cere will stay pink all his life.

Dark eyed clears have dark eyes with no iris ring. (As small babies in the nest their eyes are plum coloured). The male's cere will stay pink all it's life

Double factor spangle adults have black eyes with an iris ring and the adult male's cere is the normal blue colour.

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