Red Eyed vs Plum Eyed Chicks in the Nest

11-Nov-2008 09:33
For the new breeders who don't yet know about how to recognise what you have in the nestbox by the appearance of a newly hatched chicks eyes.

Ino's ......Lutino, Creamino or Yellowface Albino and Albino all begin with red eyes. This can be seen in a newly hatched chick so you know right from the beginning that you have an ino chick. The actual appearance is kind of like they have no visible eye under the skin of the eyelid. Its very much a bright red under the pink of the skin.

Two red eyed chicks and a dark eyed

all red eyed

PLUM eyed Chicks
Plum eyes appear in a nestbox when you have either recessive pied inheritance or cinnamon.
A Plum eyed chick ( front ) with its dark eyed sibling

and the difference between plum and red eyes.....

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