How are show birds identified at the show?

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11-Apr-2007 06:03

Some breeders will name there birds. Jo Mannes has names such as Hurculies and Apollo. Very powerful names. You do not need to use a number to enter the bird. Here you tell the organisers how many birds you have in each division and they will give you a sticker with a code number on them.

The number tells the number of show bird not the ring number. EG my bird could be Class 22 No. 623.  Class 22 is Opaline Hen. And the bird is no 623 in the show. The Bird I entered was PR-6 389 but that is not shown anywhere.

Legring numbers are for your own identification and have nothing to do with shows. A bird has to have one to be shown but it isnt used in a show.

If a legring code is used in a show its like identifying a bird as belonging to a breeder and therefore a judge will know whos bird it is.

The idea being that all show cages are the same and UNMARKED so that noone, especially a judge knows who owns the bird when it is judged.

The same applies to legrings...they are not used to enter a bird in a show nor is the legring code used anywhere on the show cage as it would be an identity of the bird and a judge could base his decision on the breeder of that bird.

The idea is anonymous birds so they win on their own merits.


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