Faults on show birds

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29-Feb-2008 09:07
Flecking: is when the frontal feathers have black markings. Flecked birds are penalised for not having clean frontals. Fleck birds though can give better head shapes. Offsprings from Flecked birds can be flecked themselves. It is a feature that is wanted in breeding but not on the bench. If you have a fleck bird you must make sure to have good recordes to track it.

Yellowface Type 2: is another fault. Where the yellow bleeds from the face mask into the chest of the bird and can spread with molting. The body colouring of many varieties must be solid.

Yellowface Type I is not faulted.

Questions about Showing Yellowfaces

1. Are their any points taken away for showing Yellow face birds? Yes any suffusion (bleed) of green into the body gets penalized.
2. What do I look for to make sure they are a good yellow face budgie?
If your wanting to start with show birds then the same points as a normal bird. This would be my thoughts although I'm only just starting with show birds.
3. Are their any good pairings for yellowface? (Faults to good things or colors or other mutations)just watch for suffusion in the birds (the type 2 yellowfaces) Crossed wings: wings that cross over each other instead of following a straight line.

Toes: three toes pointing forward instead of two means diqualification.

Tail feathers: birds missing both primary tailfeathers- disqualified

Cere: an all brown cere on a cockbird is reason for disqualification, evidence of mites or scaly face, or an underlying illness.

This is a generalization.

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