Dressing or grooming your bird for show day

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10-Apr-2007 21:52
The birds should be dressed before the show. This startes with the attention to damaged or broken feathers. Cutting them will intiate the process for the body to replace it. (Hopefully before the show) Closer to the show time The throat spots that are in the wrong place or too many are removed by cutting or lightly plucking. The birds is bathed in a mild shampoo. The birds that have white heads eg Normal blues hae baby powder dusted in there feathers to enhanse the white colour. in the last week leaing up to the show the birds are lightly srayed with a fine mist of water to encourage preaning that releases the natural oils in the feathers. So at the time of the show the bird is in the best condition. Obviously the birds need to be brough into Show condition which is different to breeding condition.

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