What is the diet of a show bird?

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25-Apr-2007 15:44

Show birds are feed the same basic feed as any other budgie but the breeders usually demand a better quality seed that has a higher nutritional value.Good seeds are often individually mixed using ingredients such as canary seed and different millets. Breeder use different ratios of these seeds based on what they believe is best for their stock. Breeders also use various additives that they give to the birds as well as feeding soft foods and vegetables

Different breeders also have different water management programs where by the birds are given supplements such as Probotic, Vitamins, Calcium, and other mixes that are a closely keep secret. I, personally, use Apple Cider Vinegar to stop Megabacteria. Others use oranges to assist feather quality and shine.

Newly hatched chicks are fed a high protein mix to assist their growth.

Contributed by BBC member Daz from AU

Many breeders mix their own quality seed this works on two fronts.

1.the breeder knows what is in the mix and what the ratio #'s are
2.in the United Kingdom you don't pay VAT (value added tax) on single seeds but you do on mixes. This makes mixing your own seed blends more affordable.

There are major seed makers the biggest two, in the UK, will be Bucktons (sponsors of the Budgie Society) and Johnsons and Jeff's Bucktons. They have approximately 20 different mixes that you can buy, from simple 50/50 to champion blend etc.

For extras nutrients, I personally, would say soaked groats which are a pretty popular extra then the usual vegetables. Carrots being a favorite with boiled egg.
I also use vitamins and other supplements.

Contributed by BBC member hath in UK

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