Exhibition Point System

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06-May-2007 15:24

In Australia there is a scale of points which is used when judging an exhibition (or show) budgerigar. This is a guide to the relative importance of exhibition features.

TYPE: General conformation, including size, balance, deportment, condition, head size and shape, and depth and width of mask - earn up to 60 points

COLOUR: Quality of colour in body, ground areas and markings - earn up to 25 points

MARKINGS: Pattern and clear definition or absence as required by variety standards - earn up to 15 points

When judging a budgerigar the bird is compared to the 'Ideal Model" of the time. A picture of which and the Description of Perfection is published in Australia by the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) in its publication "The Standard".

The Description of Perfection includes points such as:

  • The bird is to taper gracefully and be well proportioned according to the pictorial of the time, standing well off the perch, at an angle of approximately 30 degrees from vertical
  • The ideal length is 240mm measured from the crown to the tip of the tail
  • The ideal tail length is 35% of the bird
  • Legs and Feet: To be clean, with two front and two rear toes and claws gripping the perch

Each Country and Budgerigar Association will have their own Points Scale, Picture and Description of Perfection.

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