Signs of a healthy budgie

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29-Aug-2008 09:50

The good points to look for are: -
1. A bright, healthy, alert bird with sleek feathering, sitting up proudly on the perch.
2. Are the other birds looking healthy?
3. Is the surroundings clean? Do the water containers look clean and fresh?  Does the bottom of the cage look clean?

Avoid: -
1. A bird that is fluffed up.
2. Laying down across the perch.
3. Sitting huddled on the bottom of the cage.
4. A bird that has dirty vent.
5. Rough feathering unless it is due to moulting   Read First Molt?
6. Any bird that is not bright and chirpy.
7. Never buy a bird that is kept in dirty surroundings.

Birds from clean and tidy aviaries have the best chance of being healthy.

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