Worming my Budgie

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01-Sep-2008 08:44

In the United Stated and Canada you will find that worming your budgies is not a very common practice but in other countries such as Austrilia is is very commonly done.

Here is information you will need to know about worming your budgie (s)

If you are buying from a breeder or a pet store ask them if they worm their budgies before you decide to worm.

Here are what our breeders on the forum do:

Ivermectin spot on on the back of the neck for all my budgies and this covers a large number of parasites. I also worm them every three months and I do babies when they are about 6 weeks old  Member: Melbournebudgie

I do the same as Melbournebudgie,but I use the wormer in their water mostly. New incoming birds get the spot on treatment. Any with obvious signs of early scaly face get the spot on treatment. Babies get wormed whilst in the kindy cage anywhere between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. Member: Kaz

Agree with the others on worming - depends on what brand you get you can do the oral does 1 drop per bird in their beak or add it to their water ( if you add to their water do not give them their greens or anything that they can get water from ) Worming should be done especailly if you have soil flooring. Member: Neat 


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