Keeping your Bird Healthy through Natural Condition

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21-Apr-2007 14:59

Aloe Vera

I am not sure if there is any scientific evidence to back up this article but people who have used it seem pleased with their results, and there is Aloe Vera available in New Zealand for farmers to give to their dairy cattle. Most health shops sell capsules, hand cream etc., so there must be something going for it.

I have had two people contact me on the use of AloeVvera as a natural wormer and also a tonic and pick me up. The first person places a whole AloeVera leaf in his drinking water for four to five days every two months and says there is no algae forming while it is in the water. The other is from Les Gill and he uses Aloe Vera on his birds.

Keep your birds in top condition by growing and using Aloe Vera in your aviary's day to day management. Aloe Vera is a miracle cure for most diseases in birds.

It helps with digestive disorders caused by birds eating infected foods.
It is a wormer and laxative.
It is excellent on cuts and sores and will stop cuts bleeding and act as an antiseptic.
It can be used as a spray and acts as a conditioner.
It stops bacterial and fungal growth.
It gives your birds greater stamina.
It helps prevent egg binding.
It will help control a lot of other diseases.
The active ingredients in AloeVera are:

Alion, Baralon, Natalon, Chlorophyl, Emodin, Resins, Albumin, Essential oils, Gum Arabic, Silica, Phosphate, Lime, Iron.
The minerals it contains are

Vit. A, Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit B3, Vit C, Vit E, Vit B12,
The minerals it contains are

Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and zinc
There are also 17 amino acids and 5 enzymes.

The enzymes are most beneficial to the birds whole system and will activate the functioning of any sluggish parts. This means an improvement in health and well-being, and a noticeable difference can be observed after 48 hours.

To use Aloe Vera make a gel juice by the following method.

Fill a one litre jar with rain or filtered water, and place a 115 gram piece of Aloe Vera leaf in it. If using as a wormer of laxative leave the thick skin on, otherwise trim it off. (Remember, put water in jar first)
Place jar in refrigerator for 24 hours. The leaf will float at first and when ready will sink to the bottom of the jar.
Dilute the solution 50/50 with water and give to your birds daily.
The original solution can also be topped up and the Aloe Vera leaf will be effective for 14 days..
Remember you cannot overdose your birds on this.

Important points

Do not shake or stir the jar as the enzymes are very sensitive.
Keep refrigerated, enzymes are destroyed by heat.
Change water daily.
Solution can also be sprayed on birds for external parasites.
For cuts and sores use the gel that oozes from the leaves.

Natural Conditioning

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