Pet Proofing Checklist

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13-Apr-2007 18:38

Pet-Proofing your Home (for all pets) Checklist

  • candles, heated potpourri pots
  • cat litter box (other then cats)
  • children (supervise all pet/child interactions)
  • unsupervised dogs, cats or ferrets
  • extreme heat or cold
  • filled bathtubs or sinks
  • open toilets (keep lids closed)
  • frayed electrical wiring
  • fireplaces & heaters
  • hot pots, pans, utensils
  • hot water
  • hot electric/gas/wood stove
  • medications including vitamins
  • open doors & windows
  • open washer & dryer (keep lids closed)
  • open refrigerator
  • wall mirrors
  • rotating ceiling or window fans
  • uncurtained windows

This is just a brief list, use your common sense to protect your pets from unwanted dangers.

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