Cages: The good and bad

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04-Mar-2008 09:52

As we have had many newcomers who have been given bad advice with regard to cages for their birds, I will post some examples of cages...right and wrong cages.
A special note to mention is...that when purchasing your pet at the pet store, often times the staff at the pet store recommend a certain cage as being perfect for their budgie. Most often the perfect cage is really just the cage the store wants to clear out as they are truly unsuitable. or a cage that has a buy this cage and get a free budgie deal 

 When you are in a petstore and buying your first budgie it is often hard to make wise or informed decisions and you hope that pet store staff are giving you good advice. When you think aboout it most pet shop staff and just people and often young people who may or may not even own a bird.

Out of cage time comes into play as it frees the bird for flight time which really has to be a decent amount of time out of cage for healthy exercise.

Its always best to buy the biggest cage you can afford...wider rather than taller for a budgie. Pretty stands and pretty shapes aren't really a prime consideration as much as practical movement within the cage for the budgie or budgies that will live in it.
Always think " If I was a budgie how much room would I have in that cage and what would my life be like in that cage ....prison or fun ? "

Bear in mind, as much as we would hate to live our life in a wardrobe / closet ...some of the cages on offer only give that kind of choice to a budgie.

Just as we have had many, many people on here asking why their birds arent fun room to fly....does NOT make a happy healthy budgie nor will it feel like breeding for you.

Hope this has been of help.

Here is my idea of BAD CAGES

IN USE not suitable cage 1 kaz photo

CAGE ONE no flight space, bars narrow at top creating hazzard

IN USE not suitable cage 2 kaz photoCAGE TWO to small. suits one canary

IN USE not suitable cage 3 kaz photoCAGE THREE same as cage one

IN USE not suitable cage 4 kaz photo

CAGE FOUR decorative shape ...uselss as cage for budgies

IN USE not suitable cage 5 kaz photo

CAGE FIVE too tall and narrow. suits canaries or finches

IN USE not suitable cage 6 kaz photo

CAGE SIX weird shapes interfere with space and flight

IN USE not suitable cage 7 kaz photo

CAGE SEVEN too small

IN USE not suitable cage 8 kaz photo

CAGE EIGHT too small

IN USE not suitable cage 9 kaz photo

CAGE NINE shaped top section useless. better with flat roof

IN USE not suitable cage 10 kaz photoCAGE TEN too small

IN USE not suitable cage 11 kaz photoCAGE ELEVEN too small

IN USE not suitable cage 12 kaz photo


IN USE suitable cage A kaz photo

CAGE A Needs perches running front to back

IN USE suitable cage B kaz photo

CAGE B Needs perches running front to back

IN USE suitable cage C kaz photoCAGE C

IN USE suitable cage D kaz photoCAGE D

IN USE suitable cage E kaz photoCAGE E

IN USE suitable cage F kaz photoCAGE F

IN USE suitable cage G kaz photoCAGE G  reposition perches front to back

IN SUE not suitable kaz photo

Can anyone tell me why this birdcage isnt suitable for budgies ???  

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Michelle Connell (13-Jun-2018 19:43)
I can only see one petch and none front to dome shape useless...hard to tell show morefrom here but bars spaced to wide maybe? (Is 1/2" right. . Or less I mean?) We just got our first baby budgie Jojo last Thursday. ...and I don't claim to know *anything about them so just reading reading reading!!--we got a fitting cage but will use it only as necessary (deep clean reg cage, transport, idk....but it's square about 18x18x18) but I want largest horizontal we can afford. If we are going to have a baby he WILL be spoiled! Please direct me to any and all great places for advice....thanks!???