What do I need to know when selling a budgie?

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08-May-2007 16:13

What do I need to know when selling a budgie?

It is very important when selling a budgie to be aware that the new owner will be responsible for the lifetime well being of the bird.  They must be able to provide a happy, healthy home and a good environment for life.  You should be prepared to take back the bird if, for any reason, the new owner is not able to provide such an environment and they have been unable to find it a suitable home.

You should ask questions of the new owner about what other animals they may have and what sort of environment the budgie will be in.  You should ask to see their cage, if possible, to make sure that it is suitable, and ask if they will be giving the budgie ‘out of cage time’.

You should also be helping to educate the prospective buyer.  You must stress the importance of quarantine if they already have birds.  Make sure that they are aware of common household hazards.  Are they aware that they should feed their new budgie a range of fresh foods as well as seed and pellets if available.

We have included here 2 PDF documents for your use when selling a budgerigar. 

The first is a Budgie Sale Agreement.  The buyer should fill out 2 forms, one for your records and one for the buyer, so they have a record of what they agreed to

Budgie Sale Agreement

This second document is a Budgerigar Care Leaflet.  It is designed to be printed out double sided and then folded into thirds.  First fold over the Quarantine information, then fold the cover sheet over that.

My New Budgerigar Care Leaflet

To read these documents you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available online to download free at www.adobe.com.

NB:  The Australian Budgerigar Breeders Club Inc. retains © copyright over both documents.  You may print them out and use them without modifications for your own personal needs.  You may also place a link to this page from your own website, but you may not place a copy of the documents on your web site without prior permission.  Thank you.

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