My hen will not lay an egg

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01-Sep-2008 09:02

There could be a problem with the hen or cock's fertility.

Some factors to consider when dealing with an infertile pair of birds are as follows:

  1. The ovary may be non-functional because the bird is really a male, too old, too young or ovary is diseased.
  2. The nest box is unsuitable
  3. The paired birds are incompatible amd have not bonded
  4. Not the proper season
  5. They may not be in breeding condition
  6. poor diet
  7. stressful environment.
  8. perches unsuitable for mating.
  9. males nails are too sharp for the female to allow mating.
  10. they are not fertile

Instead of stressing out the two birds it is advisable to give them a break and try again down the road.  If it happens again you should probably pair them up with a different mate.

clipping the feathers around the female's vent can help in some cases.

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