Can I breed with Young Budgies?

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02-Oct-2008 19:05
Don't look here for approval!!!!
Breeding Budgies under age isn't a good thing to do!

Why you ask -

Well lets state the obvious - They are young and aren't mature mentally to lay, incubate and raise young -

Then there is the Physically part - Baby budgies bones and muscles are still growing and forming and developing!

So you say , Well where do you think the eggs come from ???

The eggs that they lay are produced from their own calcium ....

So I'll just add more cuttle bone in there ...


The calcium comes from their little bones and muscles so you are taking away all that they have just so you can get a few eggs, that may not even hatch!!!!

It takes ages for the calcium absorption to take place ( vets will correct me on that one ) BUT budgie need
vitamin D3 to help in the absorption of the calcium!!!! and this isn't found in any fruit or Veggies!!!

The best thing to do if you want to breed is to BUY BUDGIE OF THE RIGHT AGE!!!

Otherwise you will end up with a Dead Budgie on your hands !!!!!!

I am so tired of hearing about people breeding budgies that aren't of the right age! You are basically giving them a death sentence - Maybe not right away but in the Near future!!!

Wonder why your Hens can't lay eggs when they are 2 -3 years old ... Think about the impact that breeding them at the young age has caused their little bodies!!!!

Young Hens are prone to Feather plucking ( due to boredom)
Don't feed young enough! or often enough! Which leads to dead babies and all the babies and PARENTS will end up Malnourished ... because they are getting their own nutrients ....

Seriously reconsider the breeding of young! I am sure that you or your daughters wouldn't like to be mothers at the age of 10 !!!! Imagine the toll pregnancy has own our bodies! Now times that by 15 and you can see why we get so defensive when it comes to breeding young hen.

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