About how much should I expect to pay for a show bird?

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06-May-2007 15:27
It depends on where you live and the quality of the bird. It has been said that "show birds" cannot be bought as a truly good show bird is one that is prized and kept by its breeder.

However you can buy its brothers and sisters and other birds from it's bloodline. These birds would have very similar genetic material as the champion bird it is related to. You would be buying what is called "stock birds"...the budgies that you will breed with to generate your own show birds.

For a stock bird you may pay as little as $20 AUD up to $800 AUD. However, I have heard of birds selling for several thousand of dollars. The average price most breeders pay is around $150 to $300 a good bird, but cashed up serious breeders may pay $1,000 to $4,500 for that "special one."  Contributed by BBC member: Kaz

Here is an example of my experience. I purchased a cock which costed me $80.00au at an auction. The hen cost me $30.00au direct from a breeder. In hind sight I could have gotten a decent pair for $60.00AU to $100.00AU directly from a breeder which may have saved me some money.
Contributed by member: Daz from AU

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