Type of Classes in the Show Ring

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15-Aug-2008 18:34

In Australia, breeders are divided into three classes: Novice, Intermediate and Open (or Champion)

To progress through these classes you must consistantly win at shows with the budgerigars that you exhibit.

Most clubs put on regular shows, and at these shows you are awarded points, depending on how well your birds do. When you achieve enough points within a certain period you move to the next level.

The higher the level, of course, the better your standard of birds are and the more they would cost for others to buy.

If you look through Exhibition Breeders web sites you might see that they call themselves "Champion Breeders". This means their birds win at the Champion level.

At a State and National level you cannot show a bird that you haven't bred. However, some clubs will allow Beginner breeders to show birds they have bought for the first 12 months. This is to give new breeders experience at showing birds while they build their own stud of owner bred budgerigars.

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