Standard Requirement, for a Violet Cobalt (Visual Violet)

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07-Nov-2008 11:16

Visual Violet

Cheek Patches

Body Colour

Tail Feather

Note: The aim is to have a violet bodycolour with as much red tinge as possible.
The exhibition bird is the Violet Cobalt.
A Violet Skyblue can look like a Normal Cobalt.
The violet form can be mixed with all other varieties.

Information from PHT BudgerigarsThe above colorations are a little too purple for a "real" budgie here is an example of a violet that is visually being shown on a Cobalt Bird. Violet is an added factor so it can be on any series (blue or green) and any be in combination of dark factors (sky, cobalt, mauve OR light green, green or olive)


Ann aka Rainbow's Berry (Opaline, Dominant Pied Cobalt Violet)






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