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29-Aug-2008 10:01

Food and NutritionWhat should my budgie eat?

It is very important to remember that a budgie on an all-seed diet is not getting the nutrition he/she needs in order to live a long, healthy life. Feeding your budgie a large variety of healthy foods can increase its life span and reduce the risks of common health issues such as lipomas (fatty tumors). No seed mix or pellet is a "complete diet" (despite what many will say on the package) so it's vital that you give your bird a good, varied diet.

Ideal Diet ? Your budgie's diet should consist of roughly 30% pellets, 30% seeds, and 30% fresh foods like healthy fruits and vegetables. Treats should be given sparingly and make up only about 10% of what your budgie eats. Make sure that the seed mix you buy doesn't contain many sunflower or safflower seeds as these are especially fattening. Pellets should not contain artificial colors/dyes. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before feeding them to your bird as pesticides are harmful to them. Buying organic is ideal.

Sidenote: there are many different opinions in different countries on the use of pellets.  Feel free to do your own research, speak with your avian vet and other responsible breeders etc...about if they use pellets as part of their bird diet or not. There is no right or wrong answer on if pellets should be used or not.

Other Foods - Along with the foods mentioned above, there are cooked foods that you can also offer your budgie such as Beak Appetitand Crazy Corn. Organic wheatgrass is another very healthy food you can offer but should only be given about once a week.

Water:  Your budgie's water should be changed every day (as often as needed each day) to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Cuttlefish Bone:  Helps keep your budgie's beak in good condition and they also provide your budgie with calcium.


Never allow your budgie to have alcohol, avocados, apple seeds, or chocolate as these are toxic to budgies. Birds have trouble digesting dairy products so steer clear of these as well. Read: Unsafe Foods

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